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Jonah Babnick

Jonah Babnick

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Marketing Personalization: Standing Out In a Crowded Marketplace

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Oct 2, 2019 8:18:00 AM

When it comes to successful marketing in today’s brick-and-mortar environment, personalization is the key to unlocking amazing results. Today’s consumer is blanketed with advertising from countless online and offline channels. To stand out, marketing messages need to be personalized and targeted to specific demographics and customer personas.

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas, Tips & Tricks for Halloween

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Sep 25, 2019 8:24:00 AM

Halloween is quickly approaching, and savvy restaurant marketing professionals are preparing for an exciting and fun opportunity. Halloween-themed promotions and events can not only please your existing restaurant customers, they can bring new ones in.

If you haven’t made plans yet, now is the time to get started. Here are some great Halloween restaurant marketing and promotion ideas that are sure to get you, your customers and your staff in the spirit!

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Customer Segmentation for More Engaging Email Marketing

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Sep 18, 2019 8:12:00 AM

Personalization of email marketing messages is crucial in today's ever-evolving marketplace. Personalization refers to using customer data to create much more effective email content because it can be tailored for each individual or each customer persona.

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Tags: Customer Segmentation, Email Marketing, WiFi Marketing, WiFi Analytics

Using Coupons to Entice New and Loyal Customers

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Aug 28, 2019 8:12:00 AM

Coupons are an extremely effective way to influence consumer behavior, but they may not always be the right marketing choice for your business. Before you plan and execute any type of coupon marketing program, it is important to consider your short- and long-term goals. Coupons can be a powerful way to get a new customer in the door, but that visit may not turn a bargain shopper into a loyal patron.

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Using Online Ratings Sites to Grow Your Business

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Aug 7, 2019 8:20:00 AM

It's important for businesses to measure and understand customer sentiment, that's a given. Although there are many metrics from which to measure business success, customer satisfaction is a big one that cannot be ignored. 

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Tags: Ratings and Reviews, WiFi Marketing, WiFi Analytics

Fundamental Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Jun 19, 2019 8:38:00 AM

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit...there is certainly no shortage of online channels to help you keep in close contact with your customers. But sometimes, having that many platforms can make it tough to keep track of things. To keep your customers coming back, you don't necessarily need to be an expert in all the latest social channels, you just have to find out where your customers congregate online, choose the biggest ones and keep current.

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Using Restaurant Marketing Analytics to Dominate in 2019

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Jun 12, 2019 8:26:00 AM

A robust and reliable analytics platform is central to the success of your business. Analytics will help you generate more customers, increase sales, gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, create detailed customer profiles, measure return on investment (ROI) and maximize those valuable marketing dollars.

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Customer Intelligence For Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Posted by Jonah Babnick on May 1, 2019 9:07:47 AM

The competition in today's restaurant and retail industries is overwhelming. Each of your competitors are desperately seeking ways to seize their share of consumer dollars. That's why it's so important to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your marketing and advertising campaigns. And it's why you need to save on operational costs wherever possible. 

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Combatting Customer Churn With WiFi Analytics

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Apr 17, 2019 8:20:00 AM

Customer churn, also known as customer attrition, isn’t an isolated event. It’s a process that can start at any time, from when a potential customer first discovers your place of business, to when they finally become a repeat customer. Your company’s strategy to combat customer loss must work similarly, providing an end-to-end solution — and it all starts with your data.

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Restaurants and Retailers: Understanding Customer Behavior

Posted by Jonah Babnick on Apr 3, 2019 8:34:00 AM

The key to successful marketing for any business is knowing your customers on a deeper and more personal level. You may already have a pretty good idea of your most valuable customer personas, but do you truly understand who they are, how they feel about your business, and what demographics they represent? This will give you a great head start, but to remain competitive, you also need to understand their wants and needs. Once you do, you can gear your offerings to fill those voids.

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