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Posted by Edward Kennedy on Nov 28, 2018 8:10:00 AM
Edward Kennedy

To define creative ways in which social WiFi is a tool that garners invaluable information about the demographic and behavior data of your customers, it is pivotal to first explain the workings of a social WiFi platform.

A Social WiFi Platform is a portal that creates access to your WiFi connection by allowing consumers and clients using smart phones, laptops, and tablets to connect to the internet. In doing so, the platform can measure customer behavior data while collecting valuable customer profile information.

Why is Social WiFi In Demand?

Social WiFi is popular as an alternative mode of accessing the internet due to the charges that many consumers incur when they log into the web via cellular networks. 

Statics show that the average amount of time an individual spends on the web primarily increases if they are using a WiFi connection. The time variance between a person using WiFi connections and one using cellular data stands at a staggering twenty-three percent. More and more people are looking for cheaper and efficient ways to access the internet and enjoy online activities.

is a mobile app worth the effort for restaurantSocial WiFi: Capitalizing on the Marketing Potential

With the increasing demand for WiFi connections at physical locations such as restaurants and coffee shops, social WiFi is an effective way of capitalizing on the immediate and long-term marketing potential it possesses.

The user interface offers space for advertising the products and services that your business offers. 

Social WiFi enables individuals to access the WiFi connections of business. To access the network, customers will avail information about themselves, such as their name, email address, age and gender. The information gathered from such a preliminary access activity is a rich source of insight about the demographic of your visiting customers.

Effectively Engage With Your Customers

One creative way to improve customer engagement is to ensure that the preliminary access procedure is short and precise. Consumers want to access the internet as fast as possible, and long forms requiring details will deter them from using your WiFi. For future logins, you might use a progressive profiling feature, asking for just one piece of information to add to the customer's profile each time they log in.

Another creative way to improve customer engagement is to tether login credentials with already established social media platforms like Facebook.  According to new (2018) research from Pew Research Center, two-thirds of American, or 68 percent, have a Facebook account. Offering to access your business WiFi connections via Facebook saves the client’s time when it comes to logging in. This will help retain customers and foster a sense of consumer loyalty. It is also a valuable source of customer data which can be added to the customer profile.


Information Is Power - Marketing Power

Great marketing is built around great data. Information about the demographics and behavior data of your customers can offer valuable insight that can serve as a powerful source of market strategies. The login details of those who access the social WiFi can tell a company all about their clientele, as well as the amount of traffic that the site can pull. The higher the amount of traffic the more profitable the marketing efforts can be.

Furthermore, social WiFi connections can garner information about the behavior data of the users, such as dwell times, repeat rates and time and days of visits. It helps answer the question of when and where are our clients most concentrated. The more traffic on a network the slower the internet speeds.

Such insight allows you to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and gives you the data required to create intelligent marketing strategy. And it can help a business improve their network systems to guarantee customer satisfaction, which is vital in marketing.

Marketing is all about understanding the needs and requirements of a customer. Different demographics have different needs. Having knowledge of what demographic groups frequent your establishment will determine what products and services you would market to them, when and how. 

We encourage you to learn more about Social WiFi marketing here. Or download the free WiFi Marketing Guide below to examine the various ways in which Social WiFi marketing can help you improve your business.

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