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The Power of Customer Profiling

Key Insights Revealed Using Social Wi-Fi

What Is WiFi Marketing?

Progressive Profiling For WiFi Marketing Success

Four Key Customer Loyalty Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

Using WiFi Analytics for Marketing

What is Presence Analytics?

Email Validation for Successful Restaurant Marketing

Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas For Halloween

Content Marketing for Restaurants

Content and Email Marketing For Retail and Restaurant Marketers

Drive Positive ROI & Improved Marketing Results

How to Turn Poor Customer Ratings Into Satisfied, Loyal Customers

Using Customer Ratings to Improve Your Restaurant Business

How To Get More Customer Ratings and Reviews

Why Every Restaurant Should Care About Customer Ratings

Restaurant & Retail: How to Grow Tangible ROI from Customer Profiles

Using Customer Profiles to Drive ROI

Dealing With Poor Customer Ratings and Reviews Of Your Restaurant

Effective Segmentation For Restaurant Email Marketing

The Four Levels of PCI Compliance For Restaurants and Retail

Is Mobile Technology Worth the Effort For Restaurants?

Successful Multi-Channel Marketing for Your Small Businesses

Personalized Email Marketing in Less Time? Here's How

#1 Tip for Restaurateurs: Fostering Customer Engagement

How to Use Your Free Restaurant Wi-Fi for Real Time Market Research

Are You Segmenting Your Customers? Here's Why You Need To

How Restaurants Can Boost Revenue with Customer Profiles

Why Customer Lifetime Value is Key in the Restaurant Industry

5 Tips On How To Get More Positive Ratings and Fewer Poor Ratings

How to Make the Most of Your Wi-Fi Login Page

How to Personalize Your Guest Experience With Email Segmentation

Powerful Incentives of Offering Free Guest Wi-Fi

Bloom Intelligence Supports World Wi-Fi Day Initiatives

Why Collecting Customer Data is Essential to your Business

Easy Email Marketing Tips for Restaurant Chains

How to Get Your Customer Wi-Fi to Pay For Itself

Make Hyper-Local Marketing a Success with Wi-Fi Analytics

How Great Ratings Impact Your Restaurant

Six Ways to Get Your Restaurant Customers to Join Your Email List

5 Key Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty in Your Restaurant

Integrating Free Wi-Fi Into Your Restaurant: The Advantages

5 Smart Strategies to Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program

What is Dwell Time and Why Should Restaurant Owners Focus on it?

4 Retail Marketing Analytics Trends Which Will Dominate in 2018

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

It Pays to be a Customer: Our 4 Favorite Customer Loyalty Programs

4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Amplify Your Restaurant Strategy

5 Ways to Leverage Your Guest Wi-Fi Landing Page to Boost Profits

5 Rare Restaurant Digital Marketing Ideas to Stand Out

5 Ways to Segment Your Restaurant Customers for Better Marketing

Is Your Retail Churn Rate Above Average?

3 Analytics Tools Your Offline Business Needs to Stay Competitive

Is Your Store Missing these Marketing Opportunities?

WiFi Marketing: Keys to Getting Buy-In from Your Boss

How Do Wi-Fi Sensors Work for Marketing?

Which Restaurant KPIs Should You Be Driving in 2018?

4 Restaurant Customer Loyalty Tactics That Aren't Working

[INFOGRAPHIC] Restaurant Marketing by the Numbers in 2018

Benefits of Connecting Your POS to a Wi-Fi Marketing System

5 Ways You're Leaving Money on the Table in Your Business

Bricks and Mortar: How to Attract Repeat Business from Millennials

How to Get Reviews on TripAdvisor for Your Restaurant

Gym Marketing: How to Retain New Years Resolution Breakers

Sweet Valentine's Day Marketing Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Live Event Marketing: How to Leverage Social Media

3 Examples of Triggered Marketing to Steal for Your Business

How Wi-Fi is Your Best Analytics Tool to Engage Shoppers

5 Coffee Shop Marketing Tactics You Need to Implement in 2018

How to Leverage Personalized Marketing for Your Restaurant

4 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Business

Customer Repeat Rate: Why Loyal Customers are the Most Profitable

Brick and Mortar Stores: How to Beat eCommerce Competitors

How to Ensure Repeat Business From First Time Visitors

Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value with the 80-20 Rule

4 Ways to Improve Customer Churn Rate and Increase Revenue

Loyal Customers: How Valuable are They?

Improving Customer Relations with Empathic Design

Why Combining Marketing and Technology Skills is Essential

Comparing Marketing Efforts to Drive Sales

Using Data to Refine your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Engagement Tips for Restaurants

Holiday Marketing Campaign Lessons for Your Business

Average Dwell Time Numbers Reveal Valuable Insights

Creating Loyal Customers Through Personalization

Using The Customer Lifetime Value To Improve Your Business

Customer Repeat Rate - Fostering Customer Loyalty

Dwell Time: Filtering Who's Staying in Your Shop the Longest

Return Rate: Metrics from a Second Store Visit

Using Wi-Fi Technology to Analyze First-Time Store Visitors

Popular Visitor Times: When Do Your Customers Visit Your Business?

Measuring Consumer Behavior with Wi-Fi Sensor Technology

Data Analysis is Retail’s Crystal Ball to Increase Holiday Sales

How "Free" Wi-Fi Boosts Restaurant Business.

The Digital Divide and Conquer

Hurricane Irma and the Importance of Offering Guest Wi-Fi

Benefits to Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Managed Wi-Fi and Automated Marketing Tools: data is power

How to Gather Consumer Insight For Master Planned Communities

Free Guest Wi-Fi Access: Best Practices

Best Practices For Captive Portals in Restaurants: Intelligent Wi-Fi

Utilizing Automated Marketing To Engage At-Risk Customers

How to Encourage Captive Wi-Fi Portal Engagement

How Family Entertainment Centers Can Leverage Wi-Fi Marketing

How to Generate New Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Wi-Fi Analytics Data

Top 4 Benefits of Predictive Analytics Tools for Retail

How Your Social Wifi Solution Helps Operations Managers & Marketers

New Bloom Intelligence Platform Feature: Traffic Prediction

LOCATION ANALYTICS to optimize social Wi-fi Marketing

10 Ways to Get New Customers to Your Restaurant

Smarter Cities: How Local Government Can Benefit from Its Public Wi-Fi

When (and When Not) to Use Coupons to Entice Loyal Customers

Five Gems A Wi-Fi Analytics Tool Can Reveal About Your Customers

4 Tips for Starting a Successful Coffee Loyalty Program

Anatomy Of A Loyal Customer: Four Metrics To Look For

Wi-Fi For Restaurants: An Untapped Source Of Customer Insights

Wi-Fi Marketing & Analytics Software: How To Compare Your Options

Hospitality Wi-Fi: How Hotels Can Benefit From Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Advertising vs. Wi-Fi Analytics: Which Is Right For You?

Behavioral Segmentation: How It Works For Restaurants

Building Smarter Retail Stores: How Business Intelligence Boosts Profits

Four Retail Marketing Ideas You Can Get From Data Analytics

3 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Small Business Owners

Ten More Ways to Get Patrons to Return to Your Restaurant

Data Driven — How Business Intelligence Benefits Car Dealerships

Wi-Fi Marketing and Lead Generation

Fighting Against the Trend of Declining Restaurant Visits

The Top 10 Ways to Get Patrons to Return to Your Restaurant

Why Wi-Fi Marketing Isn't Enough

How communities and public venues can benefit from guest Wi-Fi

Are Online Competitors Killing Your Retail Store?

If I Can See You, You Can See Me

Make Your Business Bloom with Automated Messaging

What Business Intelligence can Tell You about Your Bar Business

7 Keys for Building Restaurant Customer Loyalty

Encourage customer reviews on your Wi-Fi landing page

Why Use a High-grade Commercial Wi-Fi Access Point

Simplifying the Beginner's E-mail Marketing Strategy

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part IV

Restaurant Customer Segmentation - The New Marketing Panacea

Six Reasons to Love Your Repeat Customers

How to Create a Lead-Generating Digital Fishbowl

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part III

How to Engage Your Loyal Bricks-and-Mortar Customer Base

Working Out With Wi-Fi

How to Use Digital Coupons to Grow Your Business

How E-mail marketing is accelerated by using Wi-Fi in Your Business

Getting the Most From Raw Churn Data

How to use TripAdvisor and Yelp to evolve and grow your business

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part II

5 Ways To Up Your Customer Relations Game -- Just By Providing Wi-Fi

Like, Share, Profit: Using Social Media to Make the Sale

Free Wi-Fi: An Atlanta Bread Company Case Study

Why Offering Digital Coupons is Key to Customer Loyalty

5 Easy Tips to Maximize the Signal Output of Your Access Point

Customer Analytics: How to Use Wi-Fi as a Powerful Tool

Retail Management Tips for the Holiday Season

Marketing Your Gym with Wi-Fi

Introducing The Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part I

Wi-Fi's Role in Multi-Channel Marketing: Why It Works

Taking a Longer Look at Logging In

Customer Churn Rate in Retail: What it is, and how to use it

Simple E-mail Marketing: Tried, Tested, and True

Do Agencies Benefit When Clients Use Wi-Fi Analytics & Marketing?

Restaurants and Retailers: Understanding Customer Behavior

Why Professional Wi-Fi Installation is Important to Your Business

Optimize Your Email Marketing For Results

Security Standards for Basic PCI Compliance

Making Restaurant Ratings Sites Work for You

Casting a Wide Net for Success With Free Customer Wi-Fi

Why Market Leaders Offer Free Customer Wi-Fi

The Power of Customer Analytics for Brick-and-Mortar Locations

How Social Wi-Fi Can Accelerate E-Mail Marketing

More On Social Media Monitoring

What To Ask In Restaurant Customer Surveys

Customer Reviews: Much more than a "nice to know"

All Customers Are Created Equal, But...

Smashburger's Tom Ryan on Why Old Brands Are Struggling

Restaurant Owners: It's Wi-Fi Marketing Made Easy

What's Your Restaurant Week Strategy?

Free Wi-Fi Easy, But Not Simple

Captiveyes Supports Florida State University with Big Data Fellowship

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