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There's little doubt that the 2020 - 2021 Holiday season will look a bit different than the rest. Indeed, Americans' expectations when they eat out have changed in what seems like a blink of an eye. So, as restaurants begin to re-open, it becomes even more essential than ever to keep patrons safe while welcoming the New Year with a healthy revenue boost. In fact, according to Upserve, restaurants could see up to a 306% increase in sales for the holidays.

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1. Construct the experience your guests expect.

Currently, until there is a vaccine, guests expect to see patrons and staff wearing masks. Consequently, not enforcing mask-wearing is an easy way to decrease your reviews and add to guest discomforts. Placing signs throughout the restaurant that ask patrons to wear masks is an easy way to make most customers feel comfortable. Of course, employees who wear masks can also add to a relaxed dining experience for patrons.

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Besides wearing masks, the following implementations can also increase the perception of safety for guests. Thankfully, you can announce these implementations through email campaigns, social media, and even pamphlets alongside menus.

  • Provide daily temperature checks for employees.
  • Strict handwashing policies.
  • Strong sanitation procedures.
  • Create a seating arrangement that adheres to social distancing guidelines.
  • Make barriers.
  • Add tape to floors as distancing guidelines.
  • Provide hand sanitizer to guests.
  • Promote pick up and delivery services.
  • Accept reservations in advance to eliminate overcrowding.

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2. Make a special holiday drink and food menu.

When creating your menu this year, family packages for pick-up could be a great idea. 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week. Yes, family pick-up packages can not only increase your sales; they can increase your revenue per sale. Maybe, you can create special drink and food menu options for each holiday ahead of time. Not surprisingly, 60% of restaurant operators say that offering delivery has generated incremental sales.


3. Produce a seasonal marketing plan for each holiday.

Everyone loves a festive restaurant! Each holiday should have a different theme to wow guests and make them feel more at home.

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4. Strategically reach customers with Bloom Intelligence.

You could have the best restaurant holiday decorations, specials, and safety plans, but it doesn't increase your revenue if no one knows about them. Many Bloom Intelligence Customers turn to these top three campaign ideas to increase their revenue for the holidays:

  • "Welcome" emails

It's not humanly possible for you to personally welcome each guest that walks through your doors. But with Bloom Intelligence, you can. Every customer you receive will get your email thanking them for visiting. You can also include upcoming holiday specials in your email to boost your revenue. Best of all? It's automated.

  • Churn emails

It's even more challenging to keep up with each guest at risk of not coming back to your location again. That's why Bloom Intelligence created a proprietary algorithm to track customers who are at risk of churning. Once a guest is high-risk, they will receive an automated email with a reason for them to come back.

  • Review emails

Don't you wish that you could reach unhappy customers before they turn into a negative review? Bloom Intelligence allows you to cipher positive reviews from guests into review sites. You can also automate outreach to negative reviewers to make things right for them. 

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You can add a section about your restaurant's upcoming holiday plans in all of your email campaigns.

According to Fast Casual, 92% of restaurant traffic is now off-premise. It's crucial to reach out to customers from their homes to let them know about holiday specials.

This year will be different, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean a decrease in sales. It merely means that restaurant owners must find ways to reach their customers from their homes while finding innovative ways to keep them safe and happy.

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