The Power of Customer Analytics for Brick-and-Mortar Locations

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Posted by Robin Johnston on Sep 29, 2016 9:26:00 AM
Robin Johnston

It used to be that online retailers and businesses had a significant advantage in data capture over brick-and-mortar locations, but the tide has turned. As Wi-Fi becomes more ubiquitous, and expected, savvy managers of brick-and-mortar businesses are using the power of customer analytics to achieve real-world results.

How does this work? It's very simple. When customers use your free Wi-Fi, they open the door to a treasure trove of information. The first thing they see is your customized landing page, which can contain events, deals, images, mobile app downloads, your Yelp page etc. This page serves a double purpose: it provides you limitless opportunities to quickly communicate how your customers can engage in your business, but it also requires them to log on with their e-mail. 

Modern Wi-Fi analytics & marketing platforms don't require customers to log in, in order for you to gain valuable information. Simply by customers coming within range of your Wi-fi access point, you can track:

  • how many loyal customers you have
  • what time of day your loyal customers come to your establishment, and how long they stay
  • how many times a week, month, or year they come
  • when they stop coming
  • how many one-time customers come through your door
  • which of your locations has a high churn-rate

When they do log in, you gather e-mail addresses to help you build your customer database. Do you have customers that used to come all the time, and have dropped off? Now that you can track that, automatically send them a special offer online. Have you had a surge of one-time visitors? Turn them into repeat customers by offering a customer-appreciation gift, or a loyal customer rewards program. Customer analytics, and powerful software to support it, allows your company to quickly and efficiently keep in close, personalized touch with your customers, keeping your marketing nimble no matter the size of your database.

As customers increasingly expect free Wi-Fi as part of your package, you can use this resource to its best advantage. Bloom intelligence makes this easy. We'll send an experienced installer to each of your locations for a site survey, guaranteeing PCI compliant, speedy and reliable Wi-Fi for your customers, and then proivde detailed customer analytics and integrated marketing tools for your company.


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