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A powerful analytics tool is making a huge difference in customer retention in the retail industry - automated messaging. Automated messaging allows businesses to send messages to customer's phone numbers and email addresses. These messages can include customized promotions, messages, and coupon codes designed to make that customer's experience even more rewarding. We'll explore some of the key features of automated messaging below. 

How would your business grow if you were able to track repeat customers? Understanding which customers make repeat visits allows businesses to customize their sales or promotions. It would be great to give people access to certain coupons after their fifth, tenth, or fifteenth visit. It would be even better to not have to simply hand out the same coupons to everyone on your mailing list anytime you want to show some customer appreciation. 

What about being able to reach out to customers who might not visit as often as they used to? If a customer hasn't been back in a while, automated messaging will be able to let you know. It will also allow you to send only those at-risk customers a special coupon or promotional deal, in order to bring them back to your business. 

What about being able to see a customer's spending bracket? If a customer never spends more than $10 or $15 dollars, but other customers consistently spend $50, the sales and promotions you want to offer them may differ. It's important to keep customer spending habits and history in mind, any time you run a promotion or sale. 

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