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Posted by Robin Johnston on Nov 29, 2016 10:07:00 AM
Robin Johnston

Did you know that 68 percent of customers are loyal to a brand just because of the brand's digital coupon offers? See why this marketing tool is so influential and how your business can benefit by incorporating it into your Wi-Fi landing page.

Building Loyalty

Buy Window.pngCustomers are great, but loyal customers are even better. Ringing up a sale again and again for customers doesn’t just make them happy, it makes your sales report happy too. But what creates loyalty to your brand when customers are constantly bombarded with choices? The Young Entrepreneur Council gave Forbes magazine these tips for building brand loyalty:


  1. Engage customers.
  2. Give them a reason to return.
  3. Provide value.
  4. Show appreciation.
Why Digital Coupons Work

Offering digital coupons is a great way to of achieve your loyalty goals. Digital coupons engage your customers by letting them know about new deals. When specific redemption dates are used, such as those for subsequent visits, coupons keep them coming back. Discounts give customers the value they’re searching for because they know they’ll save money. And finally, offering digital coupons shows customers your appreciation for their continued business.

The Impact of Digital Coupons

As many as 560 million adults use digital coupons. Up to 70 percent of people who use digital coupons used 1-5 coupons in the last three months. Another 16 percent used 6-10, and almost 10 percent of digital coupon users took advantage of savings with 11-20 coupons. Of all consumers, 83 percent want to use coupons, and 82 percent prefer digital coupons because of their ease of use. Not only will your customers be more loyal to your brand when you offer digital coupons, 77 percent of them will spend $10-$50 more than they had planned before receiving the coupon.

Cashing In on Coupons

When you offer your customers free Wi-Fi, you have the perfect opportunity to build loyalty with coupons. Place a digital coupon on your landing page, and you'll be cashing in on all four of the customer retention strategies mentioned above as soon as they connect. To get an extra bang for your digital buck, ensure your Wi-Fi landing page is optimized for tablets and smartphones with customized digital coupon offers. While 49 percent of smartphone users will jump on a digital coupon, over half of tablet users have also redeemed a coupon while in brick and mortar establishments.

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