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Running a successful restaurant isn't easy. The biggest part of making it work is ensuring that your customers have the kind of experience that keeps them coming back for more. With so many options out there, the competition is fierce. Here is a list of the top ten ways to get patrons to return to your restaurant.

  1. Customer service - This element is key. One bad experience and you've likely lost a customer for life. Personable and professional wait staff who make the guests feel welcomed and serve them well ensure more regular patronage.
  2. Atmosphere - Attention to detail can lead to a more pleasant dining experience. Poor lighting, dirty floors, dusty decor and the wrong paint colors are capable of dissuading guests from returning in the future.
  3. Menu - A cohesive menu can make the dining experience less complicated. Offering a great selection of delicious food yet keeping it simple makes it easier to order. Nobody wants to spend 15 minutes browsing through a lengthy menu.
  4. Incentives - Offer incentives to get people to return. Whether it's a birthday meal on the house or giveaways on social media, most people are more than happy to come back if they know they're getting a little something extra. If you're trying to reach only existing customers with your incentive - not new customers - the best way to deliver that value is through an in-store coupon. You can either hand out physical coupons in-store, or use your Wi-Fi system's landing page to ensure tat only those who are currently patronizing your business are receiving this added value.
  5. Social Media - Social media sites like Facebook are an excellent way to get your customer's attention.  It's easy to reach a wide audience to advertise specials and get the word out about upcoming events.
  6. Events - Get an idea about the crowd you regularly serve. What kind of events would they like to attend? Pick a night or two out of the month for local musicians to play or host a wine tasting event.
  7. Support local - People absolutely love when businesses in their communities support one another. Make sure that some of the items on your menu feature this in some way.
  8. Be original - Offer something no one else in town does. Get creative with this. Whether it's a food or drink item or an activity, if people love it and you're the only one who's got it, they will return!
  9. Community involvement - Get out there and be seen. Is there a community event that needs food vendors? Bring your food to the people. Not only will you impress your regulars, you'll certainly snag new customers, too.
  10. Brand yourself - From your logo to the food, it should all shout your restaurants name. Be consistent and stand behind what your restaurant is all about. When you live up to the expectations that are synonymous with who you are, you're sure to build a customer base that keeps you going!

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