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Posted by Robin Johnston on Mar 21, 2017 2:11:00 PM
Robin Johnston

You don't just want customers to come into your restaurant a single time, then never visit again. More importantly, you want to build a customer base comprised of people who will keep coming back to your restaurant. These are 10 of the best ways to get patrons to return to your restaurant.

1. Get them to sign up for emails. Offer a club discount, free food, or other incentives on a regular basis. Customers love coupons!

2. Do something unique. Host a "date night" event for mothers and sons or fathers and daughters. Have a theme night. Throw a party. Do something unique that will bring old customers back to your door.

3. Bring in local artists. Encourage local musicians to come play for you (or play recordings of their music). Hang local artwork on the walls. When you support local, locals will be interested in supporting you!

4. Get to know your customers. Whether you're a small restaurant in a local neighborhood where you can learn customers' names or a larger restaurant that relies on email for the important details, get to know your customers so you can provide the things that matter to them.

5. Improve your social media strategy. Share content that customers are sure to find funny or fascinating. It will improve their opinion of your brand, bringing them back to your restaurant.

6. Make your emails more interesting. Do you have an email list? Make sure you're creating emails that customers are interested in reading, or they'll go straight to the spam box. Try providing something unique to get customers to open your emails: a joke, a piece of content, or a coupon, for example.

7. Offer amazing customer service. Your customers want to know that you care, and customer service is the way you show it.

8. Be consistent. Customers should know what to expect every time they visit your restaurant. If the service is amazing and the food spectacular once, it should be like that every time.

9. Make your blog stand out. When customers read your blog, it should make them want to come to your restaurant--but that doesn't mean it has to be boring and bland. Provide content that will have your customers itching to have a night out with you.

10. Know your slow nights. What night do you have the hardest time bringing customers in? Turn those nights into blowout nights that your regular customers know to anticipate eagerly.

Repeat customers are the best part of the restaurant business. When customers become regulars, they're like part of your family. Bring customers through your door for repeat business by implementing some of these great strategies to attract their attention. Which one will you try this month?

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