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How to Get Your Customer Wi-Fi to Pay For Itself

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 22, May 2018
4 min read

You want to integrate Wi-Fi into your restaurant. You know businesses that don't offer free Internet often lose customers to competitors. Actually, one survey showed 70% of customers felt Wi-Fi made their restaurant experience better. You're concerned about the cost, because the Internet will be free for your customers but not for you. As a smart business person, however, you should know it is actually possible to get your customer Wi-Fi to pay for itself. That may not make sense to you at first, but here are some of the ways it can be done to retain loyal customers and keep new customers coming back--both of which will result in more money, which can pay for the free Internet you will provide. 

Analytics Can Help Your Business Grow if You Have Wi-Fi 

You may or may not realize this, but you can use sensors, gather data and analyze your customers, even if they don't log in to your Wi-Fi.  

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It will actually be possible to tell if a customer is in your restaurant for the first time, or is a repeat customer. Wi-f- can help you determine how often a customer will be likely to visit and even what his lifetime value may be for your business. 

Restaurants use Wi-Fi to drive sales and visits by rewarding, identifying, and retaining their top customers. It's possible to send targeted promotions and messages, to enable a restaurant to strengthen customer loyalty, engage with those who patronize their business, and increase the chance of return visits. 

Use Your Landing Page to Promote Your Business

On your landing page, which automatically creates a customer profile, do the following things to promote your business, retain long-time customers, and bring first time visitors back. 

  • Promote your security, by having an increased form of security for visitor accounts and password logins, and consider blacklisting sites known to be dangerous to young children, if you cater to young parents. 
  • Highlight any special events your business is having, as well as your daily specials. Place the name of a special or well-known menu item with your business name, so customers will remember it longer. You might increase profits even more by adding beautiful, big color pictures. 
  • Provide access to your website or custom  mobile app with a link on your landing page. Add links or buttons that say, "Check Out Our Website," or "Download our app."
  • Provide a chance to order from your menu online. 

Offer Special Rewards 

Any rewards program doesn't have to be complicated. It could include such things as giving rewards points, an early notification on special offers, and birthday gifts if customers download your mobile app. All of these will make your customers want to keep coming back. You could follow the example of the Chili's restaurant chain, which offering points that provide the reward of a new menu item. Plus, customers can do this at their table with the kiosk provided. 

Use customer data To Build Your Business

This can be done a couple of ways. If a customer logins in with a social media account, you will have his or her name, email address and more. You could also get this information by requiring an email address or phone number to use your free Wi-Fi.  You can then send customers email newsletters, coupons, information about specials, and special events. 

Measure Customer Behavior  

The data you gather from customers will help you make smart business decisions. For example, what times of the day do you have the most customers? What days are the most profitable? Knowing this will help you decide when to use marketing opportunities to gain the most customer attention.  

Use Social Media For Your Benefit

If customers engage with your business by using your Facebook page or other social media online pages, you are getting the benefit of free marketing. Use your online presence to present your daily special, popular menu item, or event. Offer a free dessert or beverage for using your page. These kinds of promotions provide free marketing, gather customer data, increase customer satisfaction and profits, and engage the customer. 

These are only a few of the many ways Wi-Fi can increase your business and profits, and literally pay for this free service. 

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