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Gym Marketing: How to Retain New Years Resolution Breakers

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 12, Feb 2018
4 min read

Gym Marketing- How to Retain New Years Resolution Breakers .jpgAt the beginning of January, your gym was flooded with people who had made resolutions to get healthier for 2018. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for those people to start to taper off, resolution-breakers disappearing as fast as they came. You want to keep them in your gym--not only meeting their goals, but meeting yours, too. Fortunately, there are several strategies that will make it easier to retain those individuals. 

Strategy #1: Track Customer Data

Wi-Fi sensors throughout the gym can provide you with a wealth of customer data. Not only can you track how often members are coming in, you can discover how long they stay, how long it's been since their last visit and much more. With this information, you can develop programs that will help offer them the incentives they need to move forward with their goals while simultaneously helping you meet yours.

Strategy #2: Improve Your Landing Page

Do you have a smart landing page that's able to understand what your gym members need from your business? Many of your patrons are logging into the Wi-Fi while they're exercising. They're checking out videos or listening to music while they're doing their cardio, looking up specific routines to complete their weightlifting exercises, and more. Your landing page can help drive engagement, improve their appreciation for your gym or direct them to specific features. For example:

  • Encourage customers to check out personal training sessions, especially if you offer a free session or a discounted deal.
  • Provide links to specific workouts that will help different members meet their fitness goals.
  • Offer encouragement to visit the front desk to check out your latest promotion, try a smoothie, and more. 

Your landing page is a great way to connect with patrons who are already in the gym and give them a better idea of exactly what your gym can offer them. If you haven't optimized it, you're missing out on a great opportunity!

Strategy #3: Provide Accountability

Working with a trainer is a great way to start providing accountability and convince your resolution-breakers to keep coming back to the gym, but not everyone wants to pay for those training sessions. Providing accountability in other ways--an app that tracks gym visits and offers incentives when customers show up more often; classes; partnering individuals who are working toward similar goals--can all help increase the odds that last year's resolution-breakers will be 2018's success stories. 

Strategy #4: Help Create Plans

Many people start the new year off with a generic goal of "getting healthier" or "losing weight," but they never develop a solid action plan to help make that happen. What starts off as an enthusiastic dive into the gym every day quickly tapers off, and then your new client disappears altogether. Now is the time to snag those resolution-breakers and help them develop plans that will increase their odds of meeting their goals. Provide one-on-one sessions to your new clients, allowing them to express their goals and create a measurable, attainable plan that will help them get there. 

Gym marketing is a challenge, especially in those in-between months when resolutions are a thing of the past and it's not yet time to start thinking about summer. If you want to make a big difference for your customers this year, it's time to learn more about your customers and develop marketing strategies that will make it easier to provide them with what they need.risks of setting up free customer Wi-Fi

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