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If you are wondering why use a high-grade commercial Wi-Fi access point when a home unit is so much cheaper, then you should first consider your usage needs for internet. 

When A Home Wi-Fi Access Point is Good Enough

Home Wi-Fi is okay, but it does not offer all of the needs that a commercial entity with a large customer base needs. Home Wi-Fi maxes out with ten users. For a busy coffee shop or restaurant, the idea of free Wi-Fi as a customer attractant would be moot. Poor Wi-Fi strength, longer download times, and poor reception drive patrons to competitors with better Wi-Fi. Casual diners are highly attached to their smart devices and they rate businesses based on criteria such as "quality of Wi-Fi."

When is a home Wi-fi is good enough? They work great in places where there is never more then ten users at one time. Otherwise, they are not suitable for businesses. 

When A Commercial Wi-Fi Access Point is Required

Increases the number of end-users: One of the first limitations that a commercial Wi-Fi access point lifts is to increase the number of users who can connect. Not only can you add more users at the same time, they experience better internet performance. Commercial units handle anywhere from one user to 200 and some brands handle more. 

Question: How many  users will require access at the same time?

Improved Communication Options: A commercial high-grade Wi-Fi access point improves the communication options for patrons. From the casual business lunch with a presentation, to meetings and pitching to clients over lunch or coffee, today's businesses rely on internet access, especially in restaurants. Patrons need access to streaming video, video conferencing, and voice, especially over a bigger areas. Commercial Wi-Fi meets those needs and it serves as perk that attracts patrons. Plus, you can add a second unit if your internet connection needs grow. 

The benefit to restaurants that add quality Wi-Fi is a host of data points that allow those businesses to understand:

  • Peak usage by customers
  • High volume traffic day for Wi-Fi usage
  • Marketing opportunities as they relate to Wi-Fi.

For example, if on Wednesdays, there is a large spike in Wi-Fi usage and that trend is consistent, then adding a cyber coupon or lunch special helps you take advantage of that opportunity. Another example would be that if Wi-Fi trends showed that Tuesdays were the slowest Wi-Fi day, then you might have an opportunity to offer a cyber coupon that brought in more patrons. Commercial Wi-Fi gives you all kinds of data that you can use to build your business.

Fact: Patrons of restaurants and coffee shops choose venues based on past Wi-Fi experiences. 

Question: Is your current Internet services attracting customers or driving them away?

Question: Do you currently have the capability of target marketing to Wi-Fi customers? 

Managed Service: Many commercial high-grade units offer managed services like cloud, QoS mechanisms which help to handle voice, video, and data capabilities, and add features such as Adaptive Radio Management which boosts your mobile environment abilities. What does this mean for your restaurant or coffee shop? It means that you can add music via the internet, that your patrons can live-stream video or have video conferences with ease, and that you don't have to deal with IT management and issues, such as security. Those are the things that bring people to your door and make it easier on you. 

Question: Can you improve your marketing by showing potential customers your Wi-Fi capabilities of your business? Yes. Wi-Fi plays a large role how customers choose a lunch spot, coffee shop, and restaurant.  

Connects You to Like-Serviced Prospects: Not many things kill a video sales presentation then not having a compatible communication network. Poor internet or slow internet drives away patrons. As more small- and medium-sized business move to video communications and marketing, the power of commercial high-grade Wi-Fi becomes mandatory. Commercial Wi-Fi is a neccessary component for the mobile business and mobile social communities. Are these markets that your restaurant or coffee shop are tapping? 

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