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Remember those business-card-filled fishbowls that used to sit on every reception counter? They were a great way to gain leads — before the digital revolution, that is. See how you can create your own lead-generating digital fishbowl by offering Wi-Fi on-site.

Fishing for Leads

This is the digital age, so generating leads has to take not only a digital turn but also a mobile one. Mobile marketing is used for a variety of reasons:

  • 50 percent of businesses use it to build brand awareness.
  • 56 percent use it to increase sales.
  • 53 percent hope to improve customer service and convenience.


But, 49.9 percent utilize it to acquire new customers, (aka generate leads), and that percentage will continue to grow as people become more attached to mobile devices. Between 2008 and 2015, time spent using digital media grew from 2.7 to 5.6 hours a day per person, but a more notable increase was the time spent using mobile devices. Mobile screen time jumped from a mere 20 minutes a day to 2.8 hours.

Making the Bowl Attractive

Today, consumers want to be connected no matter where they are, especially when they’re eating, shopping or just hanging out. As a matter of fact, most customers think it’s fine for businesses to track them in brick and mortar locations because they expect it to make their experience better. Here’s are some shopper wants, along with the percentage of shoppers that want them:

  • Coupons or special offers — 88 percent
  • Shortened checkout times —72 percent
  • Sale alerts — 69 percent
  • Rewards, points or other loyalty benefits—58 percent
  • On-the-spot opportunities — 44 percent
  • Reminders —18 percent


So, what’s the most efficient way to combine customer digital needs and wants into your mobile marketing strategy? Providing free Wi-Fi incorporates all customers expectations into one handy lead-generating tool for your business.

Filling the Fishbowl

When you offer free Wi-Fi to customers, you not only provide them the access they want, but you also gain valuable customer insight. Your Wi-Fi landing page presents multiple opportunities to get to know your customers, track their trends and offer them deals to keep them coming back.

Email Collection

Over half of businesses (56 percent) name email marketing as the number-one channel for customer retention, second only to social media marketing. Sure, you could just ask for email addresses, but people typically want something in return. By placing an email sign-up form on your Wi-Fi landing page, you get the lead and the customer gets Wi-Fi. It’s a win-win.

Social Media Logins

Up to 90 percent of retailers collect email addresses through customer logins to Facebook. With 1.6 billion Facebook users per month, you can’t afford to miss out on this lead generator — whether you get an email address or a social media profile. But don’t leave all the fun to Facebook. Integrating social media networking with these other top sites will also grant you access to millions of user profiles per month:

  • Tumblr: 550 million
  • Instagram: 500 million
  • Twitter: 310 million
  • Snapchat: 300 million
  • Pinterest: 150 million
  • LinkedIn: 100 million
Loyalty Programs

Remember those 58 percent of people who want to be rewarded for being in your establishment? You have to have somewhere to send them, so add a loyalty program sign-up and log-in to your landing page, and you’ll gain their loyalty.

Coupons and Deals

Just like the physical fishbowl that promised a winner for every drawing, your landing page can reel in savings lovers by offering discounts and specials. When they sign up, you’ll have everything you need to send them on-the-spot specials while they’re on-site and to cultivate the relationship through continued marketing efforts.

Keep connected to your current customers and find new ones by offering free Wi-Fi with all the perks of your digital fishbowl. To see other ways you can lure in the leads, contact Bloom Intelligence for a demo today.

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