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Posted by Robin Johnston on Oct 4, 2016 10:15:00 AM
Robin Johnston

Think that offering your customers free Wi-Fi is a drain on your company? Think again. There are reasons that the biggest businesses offer free Wi-Fi as a rule.

Complimentary Wi-Fi (or Social Wi-Fi ) makes visiting your brick-and-mortar location more comfortable, and that’s not an anecdote. According to a survey by iGR, when a company offers Social Wi-Fi, it sees foot traffic increase, as well as the time customers spend in that location. In turn, the amount customers spend goes up. Also, the number of customers who just hang around and not spend anything is noticeably low. Plus, roughly 75 percent of businesses iGR surveyed say that offering Social Wi-Fi was important to be able to compete against rival businesses who offer the same.

Collecting E-mail Addresses

Offering Social Wi-Fi can also help you collect e-mail addresses. You could require an e-mail address in order for your customers to access your free internet or direct your visitors to a landing page upon connecting. In either case, you have the opportunity to catch your customers' attentions.

Understanding Customer Behavior

Social Wi-Fi has more benefits than simply providing your customers with an internet connection. It brings the power of customer analytics to brick-and-mortar locations, helping retailers and restaurants to better understand customer behavior. Even if you don’t require an e-mail login, you can still track how often customers visit your business, when they stop over, and how long they stay when they drop by.

Integrating Loyalty Programs

You can also integrate your loyalty programs with Social Wi-Fi to drive foot traffic and attract new members to your frequent buyer platform. Take Subway for example. The company started sending mobile coupons when people first sign in to the store’s Social Wi-Fi. The strategy attracted new customers, and loyalty program signups went through the roof. Subway increased its marketing base, but it also gleaned valuable information about the best ways to reach new customers.

Social Wi-Fi can integrate your Wi-Fi analytics and marketing platform so that you are more informed about how to reach and connect with your customer base. If you are thinking about offering free customer Wi-Fi at your business, contact Bloom Intelligence. We have packages that will help you automate the process for you. We can set up the Wi-Fi analytics and marketing platform you need to be successful while making sure that the Wi-Fi you provide is fast and reliable.

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