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Marketing Your Gym with Wi-Fi

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 17, Nov 2016
4 min read

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is everyone's goal. So why is it so hard for your gym or fitness center to retain long-term members? Customer attrition is a plague for many businesses, but gyms and fitness centers are particularly susceptible. Here are five smart ways WiFi marketing keeps your members active and engaged with your business. 

1. More frequent visits 

A state-of-the-art Wi-Fi marketing and analytics platform can detect who visits your gym, how often, and for how long. More importantly, it can identify who has stopped coming. This sophisticated tool is capable of sending automatic messages encouraging inactive members to return. It can also be used to push notifications for upcoming events, or offer special discounts for visiting more frequently.  

2. Longer visits 

WGym_Image_001.jpgi-Fi at your gym or fitness center can keep members at your facility for longer periods. Most visitors will be streaming music, movies or TV shows on their devices while they work out. Waiting for an episode or a favorite playlist to end could drive them to do another set of reps, or a few more miles on the treadmill. 

3. Motivation

Your landing page can make all the difference. Customized with your logo, and your member's statistics, it can function as a powerful motivator. Provide positive reinforcement when they visit several times per week or meet personal goals. Add free nutrition and fitness advice, and keep it updated with upcoming events and classes at your facility. 

4. Free advertising 

Word of mouth is an effective marketing tool, and an active social media presence is free advertising. Encourage members to like, follow, and check in to your business, and tag you in their selfies. Offer discounts for mentioning your gym on social media, or for reviewing your facility online.

5. Boast to Prospective Customers

It is becoming the norm for brick and mortar businesses to offer free Wi-Fi. Don't fall behind the curve. Advertise your Wi-Fi perks on your website, and include virtual tours, online sign-ups, etc. Establish a referral rewards program to entice current members to bring in their friends and family.

When customer habits change, regular workouts are forgotten and your business suffers. A smart, diverse marketing plan will intertwine your facility in to your customers' daily lives and make them more likely to stick with you long-term. Contact us for more information on how our powerful Wi-Fi marketing tools can help your business.


I was in the process of total Wi-Fi meltdown until we came across this platform. Since then, our internet needs have been met to the utmost of their ability and the best customer service to match.

- Susan Adams, Area Operations Director GOLD'S GYM® of Central Florida

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