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4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Amplify Your Restaurant Strategy

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 10, Apr 2018
6 min read

In the 2018 Pew Research Center Survey, 94% of U.S. adults that are ages 18-29 own a smartphone and 89% of smartphone owners are ages 30-49. The comScore US Mobile App Report documents that millennials were the most engaged, adept and opinionated app users of any demographic.

There is no doubt that millennials drive the market. You must reach the millennial demographic on the device that they use the most—their smartphones.

49% of millennials prefer digital restaurant receipts rather than the traditional printed paper ones. As a restaurant owner, it is vital to evolve with technology trends and consumer demands. Technology is providing new ways for restaurants to connect with customers and deliver unique, personalized experiences. Personalization enables you to create loyal customers and repeated business through strong relationship building.

What is a Restaurant Omni-Channel Strategy?

Omni-channel is a business model and content strategy that companies use to improve their user experience. LS Retail simplifies the concept by stating that "Omni-channel is essentially about two things: following the customer journey and being consistent." The Omni-channel strategy enables you to accomplish the result of a seamless and smooth customer journey.

By providing high-quality services and convenient payment methods, you create a consistent brand that customers will identify with. Toast, Inc. states that "Omni-channel refers to ensuring that your customers can make purchases or get assistance using multiple methods and that all methods are seamless and consistent."

Here's how a mobile app can amplify your restaurant's omni-channel strategy.

1. engage your customers with personalized offers

70% of Deloitte study respondents said that they look for restaurant apps to deliver personalized offers that convey a sense that a restaurant knows them personally. Additionally, 84% of respondents said that they would return if a restaurant responds directly to their feedback.

Restaurants are benefiting from investing in their own dedicated app to connect with their consumer base to boost customer engagement. states that many restaurants are offering discount vouchers for promoting the use of their apps. 

Another strategy is utilizing a mobile loyalty app or a referral program that can also give your customers incentives to download your mobile app.

2. strengthen your customer journey

Your customers can prepare an order in advance and skip queues—quick and easy. Customers expect a smooth, seamless and high-quality journey.

You can receive advanced customer payments through your mobile app and offer a pick-up-and-go option for orders or home delivery convenience. 

3. ease of mobile reservations

Customers are willing to order more often based on how simple and smooth your mobile app experience is. Restaurant apps will boost your sales with an increasing number orders and reservations every day. When they have access to your restaurant menu from the palm of their hand, they can shuffle through the options and place an order quickly. Your sales are likely to increase due to convenience and easy user experience. reports that millennials are the largest generation at 80 million and have a tremendous amount of buying power. This includes spending money on eating out, of which Millennials spend about $174/month, which is $21/month more than other generations.

4. collect your customer data

Founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, Andrew Gazdecki writes "Knowing consumer demographics, preferences, where and how often they visit certain locations, and order habits are all data points you can harness to send timely and relevant marketing messages to your customers. 

You can follow-up with email campaigns to engage customers based on mobile app user behavior. The Infographic "Restaurant Marketing by the Numbers in 2018" reports that 73% of email marketers are optimizing email for mobile devices and 39.5% focus on subscriber personalization. 

The decision to use technology trends to your advantage will bring your restaurant to the future and enable you to connect with each customer through a simple tap on their smartphone. Mobile apps will be mutually beneficial both for your business and potential customers, establishing your brand identity through personalized connections.

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