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NRA Show 2019: Must-See Customer Data Sessions

  • by: Allen Graves
  • On: 14, May 2019
10 min read

nras2019The 2019 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago is quickly approaching. This is the place to learn all there is to know about what is happening in the restaurant industry. From technology, to equipment & supplies, to tips and trends, exhibitors are ready and excited to educate you on the absolute latest innovations in the industry.

With over 190 sessions and events directly related to the restaurant industry, along with hundreds of industry-leading speakers, there will certainly be no down time at the annual 3-day show. It's going to be difficult to decide which sessions to attend, so we've compiled a list of a few technology and data-related sessions we think might be quite interesting. 

All quotations below are from The National Restaurant Association Show website.

Create a Consistent Brand with Modern, Mobile Technology

Location: Innovation Theater: North Hall - Booth 5575
Date: Saturday, May 18 11:30 AM
Duration: 30 minutes

This session highlights how today's consumers are interacting and engaging with your brand at many different touch points. With so many channels to manage, it is extremely important for brands to create a consistent, unified brand experience across corporate and franchise locations.

"Join PlayerLync for a Tech Talk highlighting how top restaurant brands have leveraged mobile, digital training and content strategies to create a unified brand experience across corporate and franchise locations."


Data-Driven Diner Insights

Location: Culinary Experience Center: South Hall - Booth 2389
Date: Saturday, May 18 3:30 PM
Duration: 1 hour
As a restaurant marketing solution, we understand the importance of intimately understanding who your target audience is when making marketing and operations decisions. To do this, you need accurate customer data. But how do you use the data effectively to drive customer traffic? This session focuses on using your data in the most effective manner.
"Knowing your target consumer is key to setting critical business strategies. What new trends do you need to consider? Selecting menu items and developing new deals should be based on consumer data rather than guessing what might offer the most ROI. Do consumers consider you the trend-setter, trend-adopter or pass altogether?  Learn how data can help drive traffic."
Juiced up on Data – Why BI is the Secret Ingredient to Jamba Juice's Success
Location: Innovation Theater: North Hall - Booth 5575
Date: Sunday, May 19 11:30 AM
Duration: 30 minutes
Another great session about the importance of data collection and analyzation. This session focuses on how to best use business intelligence to drive down costs, and turn your data into something much more actionable. 
"Restaurants generate vast amounts of data, but that data is meaningless unless you can turn it into something actionable. You can’t fix what you can’t see. Learn how Jamba Juice was able to improve data accuracy, streamline communications among their departments, and reduce COGS by 6% through the use of business intelligence."
How Well do You Know Your Customers?
Location: Learning Center: North Hall - Booth 7400
Date: Sunday, May 19 4:00 PM
Duration: 30 minutes
Great for Bloom Intelligence users, this session highlights the importance of using customer behavior and demographic data to segment your customers into specific groups. Then, create different messages and campaigns for each of those groups. This is a great session for those seeking a more targeted approach to restaurant marketing.
"A key to growing and maintaining traffic is understanding the modern diner—their preferences, expectations, and habits. This broader view of the consumer can allow operators to take a smarter, more targeted approach to marketing. This session will showcase the marriage of attitudinal and behavioral data and will share some of the real-world consumer findings applicable to restaurant operators."
Future Proofing your Restaurant Technology
Location: Innovation Theater: North Hall - Booth 5575
Date: Monday, May 20 2:00 PM
Duration: 30 minutes
You put a lot of money and resources into your restaurant technology. However, with the quickly changing trends and constantly innovating technology, how can you be sure you're protected when making your technology-related decisions?
"Join Paul Rubin as he takes us on a journey of innovation, outlining the landscape of catalytic trends that technology must embrace in order to allow brands to remain prosperous and popular in today’s deeply saturated market. Paul’s discussion will also include advice on how to adapt the technology buying process to gain a degree of protection in our rapidly changing industry."
Protecting Your Most Valuable Data
Location: Innovation Theater: North Hall - Booth 5575
Date: Monday, May 20 4:00 PM
Duration: 45 minutes
Customer data is at the heart of your restaurant marketing and operations. In today's wired world, it is more important than ever to protect your customer data at all cost. This session covers the various challenges of data security and how to prepare for potential issues.
"There is so much data flying around in the restaurant space. From internal platforms and third-party partners embedded in operations, there’s data on customers, labor, inventory and more running through restaurants’ systems. With so much information comes a lot of questions, especially around how that data is used and protected. This panel will address top-of-mind security issues within the data space today, as well as where things may be headed in the future."

If you'd like to get to know more about how to collect accurate, comprehensive customer data from a very large sample size of your actual customer base, we'd be glad to show you how it's done. Call us at 727-877-8181 or schedule a free demo here
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