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Whether you're the restaurant owner or a professional marketer coming up with new ways to bring new customers and repeat customers into your restaurant chain represents an ongoing challenge. It's easy to run out of new marketing ideas, and it's not always easy to filter through new technology to find the tools that can help make your marketing campaigns more efficient. There are he only so many times you can push the same five or six promotion types before the novelty wears off for your customers, and sending out offers that are not personalized or timely may lead to reduced open rates.  The most dangerous thing for a marketer is relying on old ways of doing things and stagnating. 

Marketing Your Restaurant

restaurant-marketing-plan.jpgAs a restaurant owner or marketer, you already recognize a great marketing campaign is based upon a baseline,  goals and metrics to measure successful progress. The problem with measurement is that often there is no data, other than what is provided through a point of sale system, with which to establish whether the marketing initiative is successful.  Customers expect a great dining experience, good meal, and friendly service from any restaurant. What can you do to differentiate your location from other choices and influence a decision to come to your location versus the competition?  Targeting new and innovating marketing campaigns requires deeper understanding of your customers, their behaviors, and their spending patterns than you currently have access to.

Offering Guest Wi-Fi With A Twist

There is, in fact, a powerful new technology to connect with your restaurant customers while offering them something incredibly valuable. If your customer base targets busy professionals, free wifi is attractive because it allows your guests to stay connected during their dining experience. Offering a powerful Wi-Fi signal has the potential to draw in more customers who come for the wifi and stay for lunch. While the benefit to your customers is great, the guest Wi-Fi system has something special that will help you invent new marketing ideas for your restaurant.

Simply introducing wifi gives you the opportunity to:

  • Promote free wifi on your signs and web page
  • Announce the wifi access on your website and through social media
  • Offer a reward to guests who log in within the first few days

Your Wifi Landing Page

When a customer logs into your guest wifi, the first place they are directed is your landing page, giving you a unique opportunity to channel real-world business into an online venue. As a marketer, this is a fantastic chance to test your promotions by gathering valuable analytics on customer responses to your content. Through your landing page, you can gather contact information, offer surveys, and post promotional material like events and coupons that every wifi-using guest will see. This offers you an unprecedented amount of user information, giving you an in-depth understanding your customers that is sure to inspire new profit-driving marketing ideas for your restaurant.

Landing page promotions ideas could include:

  • Surveying guests on their favorite of three or four different theme night ideas, then host the winner
  • Letting guests submit and vote on a new appetizer or drink for the bar
  • Hosting fun quizzes about your restaurant menu or history, and winners get a prize
  • Inviting guests to sign up for a weekly/monthly raffle by joining your mailing list

New Call-to-action

Wi-Fi Traffic Analytics

With your customers constantly connecting to and disconnecting from the wifi system, this creates a massive amount of live commerce data. The wifi hub can detect who has connected and for how long including exact times of day for each connection. It is also aware of people with devices who walk by your restaurant vs those who walk in and sign into the wifi. The traffic data alone turns your wifi into an analytics tool, allowing you to design custom marketing ideas that uniquely suit your business and clientele.

Promotional ideas based on wifi analytics could include:

  • Hosting live shows on popular nights
  • Fun themes or raffle results on slow nights to boost traffic
  • Offering free samples at the door on days with high foot traffic
  • Special rewards for regulars who log in frequently

Checking Your Results

Between the landing page and analytics, you can now get a clear picture of how successful your promotional efforts are with device-wielding guests. The landing page can provide you with data on click-throughs and mobile device participation while the traffic analytics can tell you exactly how effective your outdoor marketing works based on the number of people who come in during a given time. Through your wifi platform, you can gather ratings and feedback, collect promotional quotes from happy customers, and learn about the patterns of your customers.

No longer will you have to simply guess how effective a promotional campaign can be. Between your landing page and the wifi marketing tools offered by Bloom Intelligence, you can use your landing page and automated promotional routines to test new ideas and get a feel for what your customers really want. When you offer guest wifi with Bloom Intelligence, you get much more than a powerful new service for your customers. The information you gain from your landing page and wifi analytics will be fueling popular new marketing campaigns for years to come.

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