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When you're busy running a business, it may appear at first glance that you're always experiencing the same customer visitation rates on a daily basis. In reality, it probably varies more than you think, and it's impossible to measure your peak visitor times without quality technology.

If you're still using video technology to discover how many people visit your restaurant or retail store, don't rely on it completely. It's become an unreliable method to give you a big picture. Besides, you'll want to stick to using video primarily for security purposes.

An alternative solution to determine popular visitor times is through Wi-Fi sensor technology. This captures specific metrics that indicate when people visit you and can calculate when they might return.

Determining Visitors Through Mobile Devices

When you have Wi-Fi already available in your restaurant or retail store, you're partially set up to detect visitors. Using Bloom Intelligence Wi-Fi sensor technology, you'll detect a visitor when they visit the broadcast radius of your network for at least five minutes.

This is just the starting point for calculating popular visitor times. It's helps you put together a graphical representation of the peak hours your most loyal customers visit.

Even more importantly, you'll gain detailed metrics in daily visitation averages, including overall footfall trafficking. You can eventually whittle this down to averages on specific days.

Finding a Daily Average

Keeping your Wi-Fi running all day (and maybe at night), you’ll begin to notice a daily average of when you receive the most visits. Once you start gathering detailed metrics, you'll likely find some surprises. Analytics frequently bring out insights in things you thought you understood.

Even if you find some surprises in the peak hours of  business during certain times of day, consider it a positive step towards improving things. If you find out your daily average is lower than you expected, you're armed with data to amend the situation.

Bloom Intelligence lets you see these metrics in an easy-to-read format through the Bloom Intelligence dashboard.

Finding Specific Averages on Certain Days

What if you want to find out how many people visit your business on a specific day? Perhaps some of these days are ones you want to improve on based on specific events or specials you offer.

Thanks to more granular data available in your Bloom Intelligence dashboard, you can find out exactly what your specific averages are on these days. You can measure this over a shorter period of time (like a week), or make observations with an all-time average. Or, you can set it up to measure monthly, or any number of combinations.

At this point, you can take this information and apply it to how you'll set up future marketing campaigns, all while targeting consumer behaviors.

Mapping Out More Efficiency With Events and Staff

Another great aspect to collecting data through Wi-Fi is how you can use it to map out more staff efficiency. For instance, you can know exactly how to manage staffing schedules based on when you have the highest foot traffic during any given day.

Now you can save money by avoiding paying for extra help you don't really need.

The same goes with events you hold in your restaurant or retail store. Why bother to invest in major setups when you're not really sure of your highest visitation rates?

The Ease of Setting Up Wi-Fi Sensor Technology

Those of you still new to Wi-Fi technology may think the setup is too complicated to invest in. In truth, it's one of the easiest technologies to implement, while being very inexpensive to operate. Bloom Intelligence's managed Wi-Fi services - included for every client at no additional cost - allows you to avoid the hassle and headache of managing a commercial grade Wi-Fi system.

Of course, with Wi-Fi being wireless, you're already saving money on equipment. This includes being able to access your data 24/7 on any mobile device.

Visit us at Bloom Intelligence to learn more about how we can offer you a comprehensive dashboard system to accompany the Wi-Fi in your business.

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