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WiFi marketing & analytics are making a huge impact on brick-and-mortar revenue, customer engagement and satisfaction. Using guest WiFi access points, businesses can collect customers names, contact information, and demographics while measuring their behavior data at the location. The data can be used to create targeted remarketing campaigns to influence customers, increasing their visit frequency and spend, and you can measure their satisfaction in real time.

Likewise, an effective point of sale system (POS) can be used to accept payments, track sales, manage inventory, and keep track of some customer data. Your POS can generate detailed sales reports, including things like product, time, employee, per-person average, total sales, and net profit. If you are collecting customer data through your POS, you can create email marketing campaigns to keep in touch with your customers.

WiFi Marketing and POS Integration

These two systems individually can be extremely valuable to your brick-and-mortar business in many ways. First, they can both increase customer engagement by marketing to them based on certain demographic and spending data. They can also help save on purchasing and staffing costs by showing you things like foot traffic metrics and who your top performing wait staff are.

Used in collaboration with each other, a WiFi marketing & analytics platform and a POS system can synergize – giving you an inside look at your customers, their behavior, and their spending habits like you’ve never seen before. Accordingly, you can use this detailed insight to create much more detailed and engaging email marketing campaigns.

Powerful Insight

For example, with a POS system alone, you can create a marketing campaign based upon the personas of your highest spenders. While this is a great idea, and will likely result in increased revenue, not all of your highest spenders are frequent visitors. With a WiFi marketing & analytics platform, you have the ability to see which customers visit most frequently, however many of these customers are not the highest spenders.

By integrating your POS with a WiFi marketing solution, like Bloom Intelligence, you’ll be able to identify your highest spenders who also visit most frequently. Once you can identify which customers belong to which group, you can then create two separate marketing campaigns – one for each group.

For your high spenders who visit infrequently, you could focus your marketing campaign on increasing their visit frequency. For the high spenders who do visit frequently, you could focus your campaign on increasing their overall satisfaction, cementing their loyalty to your business.

Extremely Targeted Marketing

The longer a customer dwells at your place of business, the more money they will typically spend. Perhaps you’ve noticed a decrease in dwell times during your less-busy times of the day and you’d like to get customers to stay longer while table turnaround isn’t as important.

Your POS system can verify that your sales are indeed lower at that time of day, but it cannot identify the individual customers who have low dwell times during that specific time period. Sending a message to every customer who has visited during that time frame might be a good idea, but remember it will be sent to those who have not decreased their dwell times. So if you are offering an incentive, such as a free dessert, you may lose money because some of those guests will have been there and ordered dessert anyway.

Using Bloom, you’ll also be able to verify a decrease in dwell times during that time of day. Further, you’ll be able to see the dwell times of individual customers. This will allow you to send an incentive only to those who have a lower dwell time. You can further filter your customer list by gender, age, or total visit count, for example, to create even more highly-targeted campaigns to get these guests back in the door and staying longer.

Again, POS systems are very valuable when it comes to not only ensuring your operations are running smoothly, but keeping your customers engaged and coming back through the doors. At the same time, WiFi marketing & analytics systems are powerful solutions you can use to gain insight into visitor behavior, engagement and loyalty.

See How Bloom Can Help Your Business Grow

Bloom Intelligence integrates with many of today’s most popular POS systems. Put together, these two systems can synergize into a highly-powerful brick-and-mortar marketing tool. 

If you’d like to see more about how this type of integration can help grow your business, schedule a free demo today or call 727-877-8181 and we’ll show you first-hand what WiFi marketing and analytics can do for your business.

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