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Customer profiling is a great way to get a detailed portrait of your current customer base to help you make smarter, more effective marketing decisions as you engage your customers on a more personal level. Using customer profiles, your customers can be broken down into segments, or groups, based on certain demographics and behaviors.

Without the advantage of using actual data to know customers on this detailed level, marketers are left to base campaigns and messages more on personal opinion. In this situation, effective marketing becomes extremely difficult to manage, measure and keep profitable, resulting in less-than-stellar business results.

Restaurant and retail marketers know that customer profiling is undeniably necessary to create a successful marketing campaign. After all, if you don’t know exactly who you are speaking to, you're not going to be able to engage them at the level necessary in today's competitive restaurant and retail industries.

"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."
- Dan Zarrella

Customers expect to receive appropriate, interesting and engaging messages in a manner they will appreciate and feel comfortable with. And they want that message to be delivered in the appropriate channel at the appropriate time. If you cannot deliver the right message in the right channel at the right time, or you don’t have the data to tell you what those are, then your marketing campaigns will be at a major disadvantage.

Even with a WiFi analytics and marketing platform, building a complete customer profile has been tough since customers typically only need to enter their email address and possibly their name to access your WiFi. Even if they log in using their social media account, the data you need for truly useful profiling is rarely available.

Offline WiFi Progressive Profiling

Bloom Intelligence continues to innovate in the WiFi analytics and marketing realm. Bloom has just released a new “Progressive Profiling” feature which changes the game for brick-and-mortar marketers.

Using Bloom, when a customer logs into your WiFi, they can sign in with their name and email, or their social media account, just as always. This is when Bloom generates a customer profile for this customer and implements the progressive profiling piece.

WiFi Progressive Profiling Example

Now, each time a customer comes back to your location and logs into your WiFi, the platform will look for a missing piece of information in that customer’s profile. When the customer is presented with the login page, it will request their email address along with that missing piece of information – such as age, gender, or birthday.

Over time, Bloom users will have the most complete and detailed customer profiles available with any WiFi marketing and analytics platform. With this type of data, you’ll be able to segment your marketing lists like never before.

WiFi Progressive Profiling Example 2

For example, you could send a promotion to all men in a specific zip code who are over 21 years of age who have been to your location more than twice in the last 3 months. Or you could send your churning customers a different message or promotion based on gender and age, and which location they last visited.

Imagine being able to send a marketing message specifically crafted and designed for such a detailed audience - the opportunities are endless. And with the ability to track ROI on each individual campaign, you’ll be able to monitor, optimize and repeat as you watch your business bloom.

This is a serious advantage that eCommerce businesses have had over brick-and-mortar businesses for decades - this levels the playing field!

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