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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 17, Apr 2018
6 min read

Offering customers free Wi-Fi is not only the expected standard these days but also a powerful conversion tool. Wi-Fi can convert your daily customer visits into sales by creating extended visits. states that when a restaurant offers free Wi-Fi, a quick stop for coffee turns into an extended visit for customers to check their social media or email. Customers then spend more money on your product while they multitask on their smartphones. "Typically, they spend more during these extended visits: one latte easily turns into two or even three, plus a snack or a bottle of water," says the Forbes Cox Business Writer, Murray Goldstein.

Forbes continues "According to a survey highlighted on Small Biz Trends, as many as 62% of businesses pointed out that customers spend more time in their facility or shop if WiFi access is offered. "

What are your business goals? Find out how Wi-Fi marketing & analytics can  help you achieve them.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

1. Do you currently offer free Wi-Fi to your customers?

A) Yes.

B) No, I don't see the purpose.

C) I was considering it but I'm on the fence.

2. What is your awareness level for products and services that your customers prefer?

A) I don't know what my customer demographic is, nor do I know which of my products they prefer.

B) I use a CRM to identify my customer demographic behavior and which of my products that customers prefer based on trends in activity.

C) I am still searching for technology to provide me with the level of data that I need to fully know my customer demographic preferences and behavior.

3. Do you have a follow-up communication method after a customer visits your location?

A) Yes, I use targeted email marketing campaigns.

B) Yes, I use tailored online or social media ads.

C) No, I am still exploring options.

4. How do you identify loyal customers that frequently buy from you?

A) I don't know who my loyal customers are. I also don't know how to find loyal customers for my products and services.

B) When a customer is satisfied with their purchase, I manually enter their contact information into my system or computer during checkout. 

C) I track down my loyal customers through my mobile app downloads or my free Wi-Fi connection for customers.

D) I keep up with loyal customers that are frequently active on my company social media accounts.

5. How often do customers return to your location to purchase more from you?

A) Customers tend to return to my location depending on how often I have seasonal discounts or specials.

B) I don't have a clear way to track customer returned visits. I try to remember by faces and names.

Based on your answers above, you can determine whether you are fully utilizing the best marketing technology out there to know your customer base. Read below to find out how Wi-Marketing can bring you customer building solutions or enhance what setup you currently have.

How Wi-Fi Marketing and Analytics can empower your customer relations.

Wi-Fi sensors can be powerful marketing tools to collect your customer demographic data and key information.

Part of the challenge is knowing who your customers are. A Wi-Fi sensor system will enable you to know more about your customers by capturing and organizing personal data. Sensors can tell you more about the customers who visit your location when they use their personal information to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

According to the blog article "How Do Wi-Fi Sensors Work for Marketing?", Wi-Fi sensors can capture the following data:

  • Contact information
  • Demographics like age and gender
  • Area or zip codes
  • Purchasing behavior
  • Social media profiles

There is so much you can do with this useful information for your customer marketing outreach campaigns! You can extend the power of this valuable data by using it in an analytics dashboard that will compile and organize data reports. The dashboard will provide you with easy access to the customized data collection that you can apply to future marketing strategies.

In addition to powerful customer data collection, Wi-Fi sensors can also allow you to personalize your marketing efforts more easily.

Intelligent Wi-Fi marketing allows you to identify loyal customers, increase sales and customer frequency.

For your business to grow, it is vital to identify loyal customers that continue to purchase your products, pay for your services and visit your location repeatedly. The Yankee Group research study reports that "96% of customers prefer locations that offer free Wi-Fi and return to stores that offer it."

Wi-Fi marketing enables you to find your loyal customers by analyzing preferences from purchasing behavior and trends. You collect the customer's email addresses or social media account when they connect to your Wi-Fi network as a guest. Then you have the marketing advantage to tailor unique incentives and marketing messages based on a customer's past transactions or social activities. A communication method to reach loyal customers is through personalized email campaigns that can increase your sales. There is an increased chance a customer will purchase more through tailored discounts and specials.

Align your answers with the Wi-Marketing benefits presented above.

Based on the Wi-Fi marketing benefits above and your quiz results, you can determine whether you are achieving full success by using the best intelligent marketing technology out there or missing out on tremendous business growth opportunities and sales. If you are not currently offering free Wi-Fi, consider connecting with your customers today through powerful Wi-Fi marketing. 

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