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Posted by Edward Kennedy on Oct 28, 2017 12:00:00 PM
Edward Kennedy

While it's always exciting to realize you had a first-time customer in your shop, it's even more gratifying when they return. This begs the question: how do you really know if they're visiting for a second time?

It's not always easy to know without using the right technology to scope out when a first-time customer returns. Using other methods such as video might result in you  missing out on spotting return visitors, even if it helps with establishing a basic traffic count.

Bloom Intelligence Wi-Fi sensor technology is one way you can determine not only a first-time customer, but also a returning one.

How Does Bloom Intelligence Count a Second Visit?

First-time visitors are identified after being within the Wi-Fi signal area for more than five minutes. If you regularly offer free Wi-Fi to customers in your store, these customers are likely going to use it.

Once a customer registers to your network, you can capture information on them in real-time.

Dashboard Visual of First-Time Visitor Return Rate

It's possible to do the same thing when the customer returns, adding value and additional insight to return-visitors.

When you record a return-visit, it'll display in a convenient dashboard for easy reference 24/7.

How Long Does it Take to Register a Second-Time Visitor?

With our Bloom Intelligence Wi-Fi sensor technology, you'll be able to determine the second visitation within five minutes.

After they leave, you can count this as another visitation. Keep in mind this second visitation might occur at a longer interval than you expect. It's why you might want to consider broadcasting your Wi-Fi both day and night to measure when the customer eventually returns.

Knowing When the Customer Might Return

A positive about collecting visitor insights from your Wi-Fi network is you're going to see customer intent, providing hints as to when they might return.

No matter if the customer returns in a day, a week, a month, or a year later, you can still register them as a legitimate visitor and continue analyzing what their intent is.

While the Wi-Fi metric only counts two impressions in customer visits, you can take things further when you start tweaking your marketing campaign based on the detailed analytics you receive.

How Valuable is the Customer Return Rate Metric?

One of your primary goals might be to help nurture customer loyalty over time so you can ensure customers visit regularly. As a business owner, you’ll need to maintain loyal customers to keep your profits up year-round..

Now that you know a customer is visiting regularly, you have detailed metrics available to formulate more structured marketing campaigns. Even if you already have a marketing campaign underway, the Bloom Intelligence dashboard enables you to utilize accurate visitor data, which will assist in producing content customers want.

You would even have the capability to produce an experience you know customers enjoy. When you provide exactly what customers want before they know they want it, you're guaranteed loyalty for years to come.

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