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Now that the COVID-19 shutdown orders are being lifted across the country, restaurant owners and operators are faced with a new challenge - getting customers back through the door.

Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as placing an "Open" sign in the window. 

In these ultra-competitive times, you need to have an advantage that will set you apart from your competition.

WiFi Marketing and Analytics

It used to be that online retailers and businesses had a significant advantage in data capture over brick-and-mortar locations, but the tide has turned.

As WiFi becomes more ubiquitous, and expected, savvy managers of brick-and-mortar businesses are using the power of WiFi customer analytics to achieve real-world results.

How does this work? It's very simple.

When customers use your free WiFi, they open the door to a treasure trove of information.

The first thing they see is your customized landing page, which can contain events, deals, images, mobile app downloads, and other engaging content.

WiFi analytics for restaurant marketing

This page is called a captive portal, and it serves a double purpose.

First, it provides you limitless opportunities to quickly communicate how your customers can engage in your business. It also requires them to log on with their email address or social media account. 

The best WiFi marketing and analytics platforms don't require customers to log in to gain valuable anonymous information.

Simply by customers coming within range of your WiFi access point, you can track:

  • how many loyal customers you have
  • what time of day your loyal customers come to your establishment, and how long they stay
  • how many times a week, month, or year they come
  • when they stop coming
  • how many one-time customers come through your door
  • which of your locations has a high churn-rate

When they do log in, you gather email addresses to help you build your customer database.

Do you have customers that used to come all the time, and have dropped off?

Now that you can track that, you can automate an email for them with a special offer to entice them to return and re-establish their loyalty.

Have you had a surge of one-time visitors?

Turn them into repeat customers by offering a customer-appreciation gift, or a loyal customer rewards program.

Customer analytics, and powerful software to support it, allows your company to quickly and efficiently keep in close, personalized contact with your customers, keeping your marketing nimble no matter the size of your database.

As customers increasingly expect free WiFi as part of their experience, you can use this resource to its best advantage.

Bloom_Logo_Dec2015_Color_FlatBloom Intelligence makes this easy.

Fortunately, with a WiFi analytics platform, brick-and-mortar marketers can enjoy the benefits of detailed contact, demographic, and behavior data on each and every one of their customers or see aggregate trends at their locations for all customers, whether they log into WiFi or not.

It’s time to start leveraging your guest WiFi and collecting presence analytics with Bloom’s growth tools.

Gain a competitive edge with the Bloom Intelligence Platform growth tools. It passively provides location analytics, guest analytics, customer profiles, business metrics, and much more to grow your multi-unit locations.

If you’re ready to see how to leverage your guest WiFi with Bloom Intelligence, call us today at 727-877-8181, or click here to set up a free demonstration for you and your team.

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