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Imagine, for a moment, customers voicing discontent about the Wi-Fi signal at your restaurant. As you're walking amongst occupied tables, they are complaining about the terrible service. You look about the restaurant and notice your staff is handling themselves well, there aren't any complaints about their interactions with the customers. You pull out your phone, and notice your phone is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi that is clearly displayed. You panic, uncertain how to resolve the problem, because you realize free social Wi-Fi is a necessary service in today's day and age, but aren't certain how you can maximize that service while mitigating connectivity issues. Never Fear, Bloom Intelligence guy is here!

 Bloom Intelligence Guy Recommends that you:

  1. Be involved in Access Point installation: Bloom Intelligence installs, configures, and monitors access points on behalf of its clients. No other company provides this level service, and many simply leave the installation to the technician for them to handle. Don't make this mistake! No one knows your business like you do, so be sure to involve yourself in the installation process, ask your assigned technician questions about the access point, and let them know where you would prefer the access point to be installed in your business. This will be important for later when your Wi-Fi does go down, so the process of resolving the issue goes by that much faster.
  2. Install the Access Point in an elevated, central location: ideally, your access point is centrally located in your business, with minimal obstructions interfering with the broadcast signal. Many people believe that installing an access point next to their office electronics or in a back room won't cause issues with Wi-Fi signal strength, or that the equipment will diminish the aesthetic feel of the work environment. This isn't recommended, as more obstructions between the access point and the receiving Wi-Fi enabled device there are, the decreased strength of the overall signal. Optimally, you're able to instruct the technician to install the access point in a central location of the business, elevated, and maintaining as much of an unobstructed view of a majority of Wi-Fi utilized space as possible.
  3. Make sure your Internet network is up-to-speed: The unfortunate reality is that many cable companies gouge their clients with rip-off prices to network cabling for business. However, the investment may be worth it to sustain high-speed Internet service for your customers. Bloom Intelligence recommends you discuss with your local Internet network provider cabling options that are reasonably priced for the business traffic you can expect on a daily basis. The increased bandwidth will come as a relief for your customer service, your business, and ultimately your wallet.
  4. Install Enough Access Points to Cover your Business Area: Sometimes purchasing superior Internet services won't be enough to service your client's demands. Depending on the type of access point installed, as well as the size of your business, one access point might not be enough to service the Wi-Fi demands of your customers. Be sure to discuss with Bloom Intelligence agents the relative scope of your service area for a recommended device for installation, as well as quantity of access points to be installed.
  5. Contact Us as Soon as Something Goes Wrong: If you've followed the previous four steps, you should be all set with your Wi-Fi service. As always, an agent will monitor systems to ensure your own personal network is configured and running appropriately. But sometimes the display an agent is reading on the surface level doesn't always paint the whole picture. If you are receiving customer complains about the Wi-Fi service at your business and haven't heard from an agent from the company servicing your Wi-Fi, it might be because the issue isn't displaying for agents at headquarters. With every Bloom Intelligence access point installation comes contact information to reach your local technician, as well as information to reach Bloom Intelligence's main office. Never hesitate to give us a call or submit a support ticket if there is something not working on your end, especially if we haven't reached out to you within a day's notice! We will work in a timely manner to resolve these issues for you as soon as possible, that way you can get back to doing what you do best.

Wi-Fi is a wonderful customer service necessity in today's fast paced world, and more businesses are inclined to set their customers up with Wi-Fi for quality assurances. While Wi-Fi is on the rise, improving signal strength for your Wi-Fi is something that many are still unfamiliar with. But never fear, Bloom Intelligence is here! Bam! Kapow! Your Wi-Fi is back online, and better than ever, thanks to Bloom Intelligence Guy's five networking tips.


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