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Top 10 Ways That Restaurants Use Bloom Data

  • by: Shannon Harper
  • On: 5, Feb 2021
4 min read

Significantly, data acquisition is an opportunity for agile restaurants in 2021. In another case, a threat to restaurants that are slow to change. Of course, many restaurant professionals appreciate data analytics, but have difficulties acquiring data. Indeed, this is ironic, considering the wealth of data that is available to restaurants through both foot traffic and online traffic.

Data acquisition is essential in order to capitalize on:

Loyalty programs
Online reviews
Customer feedback
data acquisition strategies for restaurants
Restaurants have access to more data than ever before. Restaurant data as a whole is currently acquired from:
  • Inventory (suppliers, food inventory, unit prices)
  • Financials (recurring items, revenues, raw material costs, items sold, cost per item, total food costs, cash flow projections, costs)
  • Kitchen data (cook time, server time)
  • Guest management (wait times, average party sizes, table turn times, seating capacity usages, capacities)
  • Customer data (names, postal codes, phone numbers, birthdays, emails, anniversaries, favorite menu items, purchasing habits)
  • Social media (number of followers, average reach, average engagement rate, best times of day to post)
  • Email (Open rates, click through rates, delivery rates)
  • Digital advertising (Cost per clicks, click through rates)
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”
-Sherlock Holmes, “A Study in Scarlett”
Bloom Intelligence has WiFi data that allows restaurants to:

1. Evaluate wait times
how restaurants cafes and bars can beat competition and win
2. Determine days and times with the most traffic

3. Make staffing decisions

4. Gain names, postal codes, emails, anniversaries, and more

5. Understand spending habits

6. Increase positive reviews

7. Get more social media followers
8. Acquire customer feedback

9. Understand where visitors live, ages, gender, and more

10. Evaluate email marketing data

Bloom Intelligence is more than just a data platform. It allows you to put a name to the face of every customer that logs into WiFi. This automatically creates a CRM to help restaurants build relationships and increase interactions.
Bloom Intelligence WiFi data acquisition
It’s never been more crucial for restaurants to focus on all-in-one third party cloud and SaaS application data capture. Evolution and ROI are now hand-in-hand.

It is now easier than ever to get to know each and every customer that walks through a restaurant’s doors.
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