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How you tried to find a metrics platform predicting what your foot traffic is in your brick-and-mortar store?  Chances are, you haven't found a good one, or at least one predicting foot traffic days ahead.

Although metrics programs have evolved, they typically don't reliably calculate who might visit your physical store. Many programs stick with marketing metrics and how your digital marketing campaigns function.

At Bloom Intelligence, we're about to offer a new feature we think changes how you view analytics. We'll be releasing a platform predicting foot traffic to store locations seven days out. This offers a high accuracy rate.

How would you benefit with such a tool? Let's look at why foot traffic is so important to measure.

Using Older In-Store Analytic Methods

Many stores try to use in-store analytics to calculate foot traffic through use of a video camera. Using a camera can sometimes measure who actually comes through your door and the common routes they make in the aisles.

This was practical for a while, until stores started realizing how much maintenance requires on the video cameras. It doesn't include the cost buying a surveillance camera in the first place. Besides, you may want to save this camera for security purposes rather than calculating how many customers you attract.

Some stores have even used heat sensors to count how many people come in to their stores. Technologies like these seem a bit unnecessary in the age of mobile technology.

By employing Wi-Fi technology, you can track foot traffic a lot easier with real-time analytics. With this ability in our new traffic prediction feature, we'll show you why measuring foot traffic is so essential to your business future.

Using Mobile Technology for Foot Traffic Metrics

Social media integration has also become a trend lately with foot traffic measurement. Social channels like SnapChat even offer a service tracking how many people come into stores through their geofilter system.

It just shows you how fast mobile technology now matters in business analytics. What's key here is being able to capture these metrics immediately rather than having to wait days to study results.

Our algorithms work the same way, though with the ability to see a whole week ahead so you can prepare yourself for upcoming events. Now you'll be able to answer some key questions about things you've probably never known about customer visitations.

Questions You Can Answer in Your Store

When you use our new feature, you'll know things like how many people actually enter your store and why they might pass you up for a nearby competitor. Plus, you'll know when you have the highest visitations during a normal business day.

Other things to factor include customer dwell time, or how loyal they are to buying a product in-store. Most importantly, you'll get an accurate churn rate so you can prevent people leaving your store before buying anything.

Answering Questions in Multi-Location Stores

It's difficult to calculate foot traffic when you have multiple locations throughout your city, state, or nation. You'll want to know which of your store locations get the most foot traffic over others.

We can help you scope out other detailed data like how many passers-by you have in your other stores. This should include information on how loyal customers are and traffic capture rates. Campaign participation also needs analyzing, which can tell you much more than just who comes in your door.

Our new foot traffic feature can become available to you soon. Keep reading us at Bloom Intelligence to learn more about this feature and our general Wi-Fi customer analytics expertise.

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