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Sweet Valentine's Day Marketing Tips for Offline Businesses

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 9, Feb 2018
5 min read

4 Sweet Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Your Brick-and-Mortar Business.jpgValentine's Day is quickly approaching. For brick-and-mortar businesses, it's the perfect opportunity to maximize this holiday with your digital marketing. From building brand awareness to growing your email list and driving sales, you can utilize this occasion to further your own business goals.

Even if you haven't mapped out your Valentine's Day marketing strategy or are not sure where to start, it's not too late to get one going now to create results over the next several days. So, regardless if you're a restaurant, coffee shop, or specialty store, you can implement these tips to capitalize on the occasion.

So, here are four Valentine's Day marketing ideas to help you increase awareness, opt-ins, and sales from social media:

Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

#1. 3-Day Live Video Campaign

Live video is all the rave. Since many of your consumers prefer live video opposed to a blog article or social media post, give them more of what they want by hosting a three-day video campaign. The good news is, this doesn't take a lot of planning but can yield some amazingly fast results for your brick-and-mortar business.

Start three days before Valentine's Day and go live each day. Decide on a goal here. Do you want to get more followers from social media to your email list, then nurture them with your email content for sales? Or are you creating awareness of your Valentine's specific products or promo?

Whatever you decide, be clear on the goal, then each day, go live on Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. For 5-7 minutes, share your story, highlight your products or service, or take your audience behind-the-scenes in how you're getting ready for Valentine's Day. Keep your video focused on the topic, then give your call-to-action to tell them what to do next (i.e. share your video, opt-in).

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#2. Encourage Conversations around Your Images on Social Media

Another way for your brick-and-mortar business to leverage the Valentine's holiday is by encouraging followers to interact with your social media content. In other words, post content with images that moves people to comment or share. This includes asking open-ended questions, sharing trending news or controversial topics (questioning a behavior/belief) relating to the holiday.

Creating meaningful conversations is key to your social media marketing year-round. Since Facebook's new release on focusing on engagement versus promotional content from brands, getting your followers to actively interact through comments and shares is a big ingredient to increase organic reach.

So, ask questions pertaining to the Valentine's holiday that causes people to reply. Share trending topics where followers want to give their opinion. This will do wonders for your visibility and overall digital marketing.

#3. Use Your Wi-Fi Analytics to Send Personalized Emails

Your Wi-Fi analytics hosts a wealth of information for your Valentine's Day marketing ideas. First, by having your guests opt-in to use your service brilliantly allows you to collect email addresses daily. Secondly, you can build a Valentines-related triggered campaign to further engage your shoppers.

You see, segmenting your list allows you to send personalized emails to those who're eager to receive your holiday promotions and content. Additionally, with your analytics, you can discover how often people. You can give an exclusive offer to your most frequented customers this Valentine's. They'll notice that you notice, encouraging repeat business.

#4. Share the Love through Giving

Valentine's Day is also a holiday of spreading love through giving. What is a cause that aligns with your business core values? What organizations or charities do you donate to? Highlight this in your social media marketing. Show these charities some love to encourage others to give as well. You'll help bring awareness to the cause while allowing people to feel good about giving.

This tactic is another way for people to get to know your brick and mortar business, bolstering the know, like and trust factor. When consumers can connect with you, they're more apt to continue walking through your doors.

Use these Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Better Results

Valentine's Day is but a few short days away but you can still drive results by using these tips. Commit to adding at least two of the tactics into your marketing campaign today. As you build momentum, you'll find better engagement on social media and with your email subscribers. You'll also increase awareness around your brick and mortar business, boosting your visibility.

Much success.

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