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What Is WiFi Marketing?

  • by: Jacob Downing
  • On: 21, Nov 2018
5 min read

"WiFi Marketing is a marketing technique that uses a physical location’s guest WiFi landing pages and access point(s) to collect customers names, contact information and demographics while measuring their behavior data at the location. The data is then used to create targeted remarketing campaigns to influence customers to increase their visit frequency and spend, and measure their satisfaction in real time."

Understanding WiFi Analytics

purple-wifi-512-2Before getting to know what WiFi Marketing is, it's important to understand the basics of WiFi analytics, since these analytics consist of the data that will be used to drive your marketing campaigns.

Every mobile device has a unique identifying code called a MAC Address. If a mobile device has WiFi enabled, it is constantly sending out a signal seeking out a WiFi access point. This signal includes the device’s MAC address, and is how WiFi marketing platforms identify each customer.

Simultaneously, WiFi access points are listening for these signals from mobile devices. When a mobile device enters the range of the access point, the signal is logged and a new entry is made into the database for that device, whether the user logs into the WiFi or not.

From this point on, the access point will recognize the device and now has the ability to log behavior data like dwell time, returning visits, day of week, hour of day and its physical location. Quality WiFi analytics and marketing platforms like Bloom Intelligence then give you the data in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard.

Once a user logs into the WiFi, Bloom begins building a detailed individual customer profile for this person, and any data logged from the device in the past (and future) will be added to this customer’s profile. Customer profiles include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Phone number
  • Zip code

Additionally, all behavior data such as visit information, physical location, PPA and offers received/redeemed, is easily accessed from the customer profile. Bloom’s progressive profiling feature helps ensure all of these data points are captured.

Data-Driven, Automated Marketing

Once you have all of this data, you can begin experiencing the true value of WiFi Marketing. You’ll begin to understand who your customers really are and how they behave, allowing you to engage with them like never before.

With Bloom’s marketing suite of tools, you’ll be able to create marketing campaigns based on the behavior and demographic data from your actual customers. You’ll finally be able to target different marketing messages to different segments of your customers based on a very large sample size of actual data. And since Bloom tracks ROI on every campaign, you can optimize your marketing for the best results possible.

These messages can be sent immediately, at a future date and time, on a recurring schedule, or when a customer meets specific behavioral criteria (triggered). Triggered messages can be sent based on:

  • Milestone – when customers reach predetermined milestones such as their 10th, 25th, or 100th visit.
  • Loyalty – every time a customer reaches a predetermined number of visits
  • Rating – when a customer provides a rating at or below a level you specify
  • Anniversary – when customers reach the anniversary of their first visit
  • Birthday – a few days prior to a customer’s birthday
  • Upon Exit – a predetermined number of days or hours after a person leaves a location
  • Upon Registration – shortly after a guest first registers (logs in) on your WiFi
  • At Risk of Churning – when a customer has been determined as unlikely to return by our statistical model
  • At Risk (number of days) – when a customer has not returned after a set number of days

Until recently, brick-and-mortar locations have been at a serious marketing disadvantage when compared to ecommerce businesses. But now with the WiFi analytics and marketing tools from Bloom Intelligence, physical locations can gather accurate, real time data on their actual customer base.

This means one thing – no more guessing!

Now you can confidently create extremely targeted marketing campaigns that you can measure precisely, allowing for robust and profitable marketing efforts. You’ll be able to measure results and duplicate your successful campaigns. If they do not perform as well as you expect, you can easily adjust your tactics and watch the results in real time.

It’s time to start using real-time, in-store WiFi analytics to uncover hidden marketing opportunities and areas where improvement is just waiting to come out. 

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