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Posted by Robin Johnston on Mar 14, 2017 8:11:00 AM
Robin Johnston

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and tried to connect to their free Wi-Fi? Most of the time is it an unpleasant experience. You have to enter a password, give them your email, or jump through several hoops and do a split before you can connect. Even after you connect, the signal is weak or excruciatingly slow.

Bloom Intelligence offers a solution to retail and restaurant owners to improve their guest Wi-Fi while increasing lead generation and keeping their customers satisfied. We offer a high-speed, hassle free Wi-Fi connection for customers coming to your establishment. Our service automatically gathers important information about your customers such as store traffic, repeat customers and at-risk customers. It keeps track of customer emails and contact information in one location. 

Benefits of Wi-Fi Marketing

Lead Generation: Create a custom landing page for your business that encourages customers to give you their email in exchange for a coupon or discount at your business. You can generate leads by encouraging customers to share the perks with friends.

Loyalty: With Wi-Fi marketing you can track when a customer has left and find ways to bring them back.

Social Media Presence: Break into the social media by encouraging customers to review your restaurant or retail store on Yelp or other social media websites. 

Increase traffic: When a customer connects to your Wi-Fi they are automatically sent to your website. This increases the amount of visitors on your page and can increase sales. 

Wi-Fi marketing is vital to businesses both that are growing or have been around for fifty years. To learn how Wi-Fi marketing can help you, contact Bloom Intelligence for a risk-free consultation.

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