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Accurate marketing attribution for restaurants, or any brick-and-mortar business, has always been a thorn in the side of marketing professionals. However, in today’s competitive environment, it is absolutely necessary.

In fact, adding attribution to your restaurant marketing strategy can improve your results tremendously. According to Gartner, the typical outcome of implementing attribution is a 20-30% gain in media efficiency and corresponding increases in ROI.

What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution is the marketing term used for applying credit to individual marketing tactics and messaging, and attributing ROI to them. When done correctly, it allows marketers to apply more focus on tactics and messaging that are working well, and less focus on those that aren’t.

The main ingredient for effective, proper marketing attribution is accurate, comprehensive data.

Traditionally, this type of data was difficult and expensive to acquire. And it was simply a snapshot in time. In other words, if you wanted updated data, you would have to pay for it over and over.

Fortunately, WiFi technology has eliminated this difficult challenge.

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WiFi Analytics for Accurate Customer Data

Using a WiFi marketing and analytics platform like Bloom Intelligence, marketers will have the ability to see the most accurate and reliable customer data available today.

As soon as you install the platform, you will begin seeing data updated in real time. You’ll see things like daily/hourly visitors, repeat visitors, dwell times, popular visit times and so much more. Moreover, you can see these data even if your customers do not log into your WiFi.

If a customer does log into your WiFi, they are taken to a WiFi landing page, or captive portal. This page requires the user to enter information such as their name and email address before accessing the internet. At this point, the platform will create a customer profile for the patron and all of their previous and future data will be added to the profile.

How Does WiFi Marketing Attribution Work?

Now that you have the customer contact information, you can begin marketing to them. And you don’t have to send mass-marketing messages to your entire database. You can segment your database based upon customer demographics and their behavior while at your place of business.

For instance, you can create a marketing campaign for women under 40 who visit your store on Sundays. Or, you can send a targeted message to men between 21 and 30 years old who have a dwell time of over 1 hour.

customer segmentation marketing technology for restaurants

And since your WiFi analytics platform will recognize when a customer comes back, marketing attribution on these campaigns becomes extremely easy. With Bloom, you’ll be able to see who received a marketing message, who opened it, who came back to your location, and whether or not they redeemed any offer that you attached to the message.

This is data that restaurant owners and operators haven’t had access to before. And its cost is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional market research solutions.

Let’s take a look at a couple examples of WiFi marketing attribution.

WiFi Marketing Attribution Example 1

In this example, we will assume that you are finding your customer dwell times are decreasing and you want them to increase. You create an email that you will send to your entire customer database. The email will contain an offer for a free dessert, or 50% off an appetizer.

You send out the email and wait for the results.

A few days later, patrons start redeeming the offer in your store. With Bloom Intelligence, you are not simply counting how many guests redeemed the offer. You will be able to see an accurate picture of how many people returned, even if they did not redeem the offer. Plus, you’ll be able to see accurate dwell time measurement.

If the dwell times increase, then you can attribute this to your marketing campaign. You can then make an intelligent, data-driven decision around the ROI of the campaign and decide if you would like to continue, make changes to, or eliminate the campaign.

Restaurant Marketing Attribution Examples

WiFi Marketing Attribution Example 2

With Bloom Intelligence, you have the ability to ask your guests their birthday. So you and your marketing team decide that you’d like to help increase customer loyalty by executing a “free meal on your birthday” campaign.

You create an email that you will send to anyone in your customer database who has entered their birthday. The email will be sent a few days prior so they can make plans to come to your place of business. The email will also contain a redemption code that will be redeemed when they arrive.

From that moment on, you will be able to see how many people received the offer, how many viewed the offer, how many returned on their birthday, and how many redeemed the free meal. Over time you can attribute ROI to the campaign and decide whether to keep it running, make changes to it, or eliminate it altogether.

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Bloom Intelligence WiFi Analytics

Bloom Intelligence gives you the ability to track the results of every campaign you create – all the way down to a customer returning to your place of business and/or redeeming an offer. Bloom’s WiFi analytics detect the device of any consumer that walks back into your location that received one of your offers, messages or surveys.

To learn more about the ways the Bloom Intelligence growth tools can help you improve your restaurant marketing to drive more sales, improve overall customer experience, measure customer sentiment and grow your business, schedule a free demo today.

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