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Bloom Intelligence Supports World Wi-Fi Day Initiatives

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 31, May 2018
3 min read

While internet connectivity may seem ubiquitous in today’s society, the fact remains that there are still billions – yes, billions – of people around the world who do not have internet connectivity and the benefits it provides.

WorldWiFiDayWorld Wi-Fi day (#WorldWiFiDay) is a worldwide initiative organized by Wireless Broadband Alliance, under the leadership of Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB), to help close the gap between those with, and those without. As explains, “It is a platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in cities and communities around the world by driving exciting and innovative projects to connect the unconnected.”

Their main initiative is simple. They aim to bring wireless internet connectivity and broadband infrastructure to more than 4 billion people around the globe who do not have the luxury of even basic internet connectivity. This connectivity is so important to communities and individuals in reaching their goals by improving economic growth, social mobility, computer literacy, education, and so much more.

With support from over 100 of the industry’s biggest names, including AT&T, Comcast, Cisco, Intel and Google, World Wi-Fi Day is making great strides in implementing these truly world-improving changes.

Bloom Intelligence offers a great service to companies that are inside today’s broadband infrastructure and already have access to the internet. But every day we see the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity as our clients are helping their local communities grow, hiring more people and introducing local community members to up-and-coming businesses and social events. They are using Wi-Fi to create symbiotic relationships with their community and foster a reciprocal sense of loyalty and respect for the community.

This is just one small example of what Wi-Fi connectivity can do, and why we all need to support the initiatives of Word Wi-Fi Day to get that priceless connectivity to those who are unfortunate enough not to have access to it.

Visit their website at to learn more. And don’t forget to flash the hashtag #WorldWiFiDay in your favorite social accounts on June 20th!




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