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Measuring Consumer Behavior with Wi-Fi Sensor Technology

  • by: Edward Kennedy
  • On: 12, Oct 2017
4 min read

Trying to measure consumer behavior on a daily basis is often impossible without using a variety technologies to accumulate data. While you've perhaps invested in data-tracking tools and maybe even video, simultaneously deciphering all of these metrics can create a confusing picture on what customers do.

A solution to this issue could be a central dashboard where you can integrate such metrics into a coherent marketing strategy. This is possible through innovative tools such as Wi-Fi sensor technology.

Such a tool can start by tracking daily traffic coming onto your property. You can then apply it towards measuring customer behavior on both an individual level as well as within your market segment.

Here’s an explanation of how Wi-Fi sensor tech works and how predicting future traffic affects your profitability.

How Does Wi-Fi Technology Count Daily Foot Traffic?

Many business owners still use video cameras to track daily traffic count. While this is practical (since you may already have security cameras in place), it won't always give you thorough information about what consumers buy.

An alternative method to this would be collecting customer data through your existing Wi-Fi network. You may already offer free Wi-Fi to customers who come on property. Did you know you could use Wi-Fi sensor technology to collect data on visitors as soon as they entered signal range?

This demonstrates how you can utilize a service like Bloom Intelligence and expand on it to improve business.

With Bloom Intelligence, you'll pick up more nuanced data about your daily traffic that you otherwise wouldn't notice.

What are your business goals? Find out how Wi-Fi marketing & analytics can  help you achieve them.

Projecting Future Traffic and Market Segmentation

With Bloom Intelligence, you can also look at things on a grander scale. The data you'll accumulate is easy to access 24/7, including on mobile devices. You'll have the ability to look at the bigger picture and see what your daily traffic count really is every day rather than guesstimate.

Taking data from everyone cumulatively allows you to see what customers continually expect from you. As Forbes notes, you'll want to know whether data shows you're ready to grow your business.

Ultimately, the data you acquire may prove customers have higher expectations from you and want you to grow. Or, you may find out you have too much business and need to do something to handle the onslaught.

Improving Profits

The beauty of collecting data through Wi-Fi sensors is that customers don't have to know. Simultaneously, it's a symbiotic process, as you're providing Wi-Fi service to them while showcasing your own services.

It's an ethical system since you're elevating consumer enjoyment with an enhanced experience of your restaurant or store.

You'll be able to track things like customer zip codes, how long they stay on property, and the time of day traffic peaks.

At Bloom Intelligence, we offer an integrated dashboard system that implements Wi-Fi sensor technology like this for your business. Browse through our website to find out more about how our system works, or speak with one of our agents today if you’re interested in our service.

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