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Successful Multi-Channel Marketing for Your Small Businesses

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 17, Jul 2018
5 min read

The internet is boasting with various ways for businesses to market to consumers. In 2018, multi-channel marketing is reigning supreme for its growth benefits when done successfully. Simply put, multi-channel marketing is a process that involves interacting with customers using various direct and indirect communication platforms. This can be done through a website, email, direct mail, mobile, and so on and so forth. Essentially, the goal of multi-channel marketing is to expand the options available for customers to take action in response, primarily through purchasing a product or service through their preferred platform.

Why is Multi-Channel Marketing Important for Small Businesses?

1. Drive Revenue

Every business wants to increase their revenue. Multi-channel marketing does an effective job in accomplishing this. Essentially, customers play a significant role in the success of a business because the power is ultimately in their hands. This is why it's important that businesses are always where their customers are. Multi-channel marketing allows you to put your product or service in the face of your customers, which increases visibility, helps businesses reach more customers in a short period of time, and increases revenue. In fact, multi-channel shoppers spend 3 times more than single-channel shoppers. This is because multi-channel marketing is more effective in that it presents greater opportunities to connect with your target audience. 

2. Keeping a Competitive Edge 

Today, mobile users are engaging across multiple platforms. With that said, businesses can't afford to not have their presence be known on the internet. Unfortunately, many businesses haven't adapted to this ideology. However, it is fortunate for those willing to welcome the change. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by making themselves available to customers across various platforms. Not only will your business be more memorable to customers, but they will more than likely purchase from your business as compared to competitors. 

3. Build Lasting Relationships

The data that you gain from having a multi-channel marketing strategy not only helps you understand your customers better, but helps you understand which platforms to reach them on. Essentially, you will improve the customers' experience when your ads are seamlessly integrated across their device. A positive customer experience strengthens the brand-consumer relationship, which will certainly lead to customer loyalty.

How do you Successfully Adopt Multi-Channel Marketing?

 1. Be Consistent

With multi-channel marketing, it's important to create consistent campaigns across all channels. At any point, your potential customer could be making a decision about your business and you want to ensure that your brand is effective. With that said, a brand is only effective when it can carry a consistent presence. 

2. Utilize Tracking Tools

There are various services available that will help you track your customers behavior and profile. In fact, wi-fi presents the perfect opportunity for businesses to seamlessly collect valuable customer data. With marketing on multiple channels, it's going to be integral that you have this data to improve your marketing efforts and your customers' experience. 

3. Pick Relevant Channels

Many businesses are unsuccessful when it comes to multi-channel marketing because they aren't marketing to channels relevant to their business. This often leads to little to no results. However, when businesses market to the proper channels, they often see exponential growth. Here are a few factors to consider when picking the right channels for your business:

  • Product type 
  • Product life cycle: Is your product in the introduction, growth, maturity or decline stage?
  • Your budget
  • Channels that your customers spend their time

Small businesses can expect to see optimum results when they implement a multi-channel marketing strategy. Today, it's essential for small businesses to exist on various platforms in order to seamlessly get their product or service in front of their customers. Be sure to check out this article to understand how multi-channel marketing can benefit your business.

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