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There's nothing more gratifying for business owners than seeing a first-time visitor come through the door. Yet, how do you know if he or she is truly a first-time customer? Can you really know whether a person who walks into your restaurant has previously visited one of your stores?

Even if you use video cameras to capture who comes into your store, you won't always know every action a new visitor might take. Many of these customers make decisions videos can't always discern. While video can count foot traffic, how will you identify specific behaviors.

Here, we take a look at how WiFi analytics technology can help you better understand your first-time visitors and how to observe and shape their behavior over time with data-driven WiFi marketing.

The Value of First-Time Customer Data

WiFi analytics for first-time visitorsOnce Bloom Intelligence determines a first-time visitor has entered your establishment, you'll be able to dig deeper into their behavior patterns. Since a lot of metrics from WiFi sensor technology record how customers react to marketing or products, you'll better understand how to plan for the immediate future.

Most metrics are collected in real-time as well, giving you a real-world view of what your customers do each time they visit. Using progressive profiling and customer segmentation, you'll be able to identify and track specific customer personas and create personalized marketing campaigns, giving you a better chance of bringing them back into your store.

With demographic and behavior metrics like dwell times, visit times and repeat visit rates at your fingertips, you'll have a leg up on your competition when it comes to knowing how to craft the best marketing campaigns. And you'll be able to measure the results with accuracy in real-time.

Tracking the First-Time Visitor Over a Period of Time

Using WiFi analytics, you can take your first-time visitor through a marketing funnel just as you would in a digital marketing environment. Every time they sign in to your WiFi network, you'll be able to track their behavior during the visit. The more data you acquire, the more you can start to shape a long-term outlook for how you'll engage this visitor and others like them.

Developing growth strategies should become your next step, which helps when you know the customer is going to stay loyal to your business.

Looking Farther Ahead

Over time, the WiFi analytics technology you use for first-time visitor data will show you what the real health is of your business. You'll also have the means to find solutions to work around if you find yourself obstructed by unforeseen issues.

Metrics are now extremely important in predicting the future of businesses. Quality WiFi analytics are going to help plan for things farther down the road, including averting customers leaving you for a competitor.

We can help you capture these metrics here at Bloom Intelligence. Click here to learn more about WiFi marketing and analytics and how you can nurture your first-time customers for the best growth strategies.

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