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Posted by Robin Johnston on Jan 6, 2016 6:30:00 AM
Robin Johnston

Tallahassee, FL – Captiveyes, a leading place-based digital advertising company, has made a $10,000 donation to Florida State University’s Department of Computer Science to establish the Captiveyes Big Data Fellowship. The Fellowship will support students who excel in data mining, which is the practice of developing usable information out of large and often complex databases.

Captiveyes’ donation will be matched by an equal amount committed by Dr. Sam Huckaba, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, bringing the value of the fellowship to $20,000.

FSU_Seal.jpgThe donation coincides with the launch of Bloom Intelligence, a Captiveyes product line that uses social WiFi to help restaurants and retailers attract, engage, and retain customers.

“At its heart, Bloom is about big data,” explained Will Wilson, Captiveyes’ CEO. “We help our clients understand who is patronizing their stores, how often, and how much they are spending. With that information they can easily identify their top customers, and then use targeted incentives to bring them back again and again. The sole focus of Bloom Intelligence is to increase the profitability of our clients’ businesses. This fellowship is intended to encourage data scientists to pursue their studies at FSU and to develop ongoing relationships with graduates.” Wilson, an FSU alumnus, is proud to give back to his alma mater.

The Department of Computer Sciences serves nearly 800 students in several undergraduate and graduate degree programs including interdisciplinary bachelor’s degrees in Computer Criminology and in Computational Biology. The department offers cyber security and information assurance courses. The Department’s faculty are world leaders in Algorithms, Architecture, Databases, Distributed Systems, High-Performance Computing, Networking, Programming Languages and Compilers, Scientific Computing, Security, Software Engineering, and Vision.

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