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How Great Ratings Impact Your Restaurant

  • by: Robin Johnston
  • On: 15, May 2018
3 min read
3 min read

How Great Ratings Impact Your Restaurant

Customer ratings: they're one of the most important elements of your business. Satisfied customers are more likely to share their experience at your restaurant in a way that will bring in their friend...

Six Ways to Get Your Restaurant Customers to Join Your Email List

Every restaurant wants to keep its customers coming back.  After all, retaining current customers is a lot less expensive than finding new ones. One effective way to increase repeat business is with a...

5 Key Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty in Your Restaurant

Loyal customers are a critical part of improving your restaurant as a whole. Repeat business--especially frequent business--offers a number of key benefits to your restaurant. Loyal customers, in gene...

4 min read

Integrating Free Wi-Fi Into Your Restaurant: The Advantages

Regardless what your restaurant offers on the menu, you can be sure your customers are looking for one thing from you: free Wi-Fi. In fact, one survey showed 70% of customers felt Wi-Fi made their res...

What is Dwell Time and Why Should Restaurants Focus on it?

How long do customers spend in your restaurant? Do you know? And does it matter?

4 min read

4 Retail Marketing Analytics Trends Which Will Dominate in 2018

A robust analytics program is central to the success of your business.  Analytics will help you generate more leads, increase sales, gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, create effect...

5 min read

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Customer Demographics?

Offering customers free Wi-Fi is not only the expected standard these days but also a powerful conversion tool. Wi-Fi can convert your daily customer visits into sales by creating extended visits.

4 min read

It Pays to be a Customer: 4 Favorite Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are the backbone of any business. Not only are they the ones driving your sales, their word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations play in important role in spreading brand awareness a...

4 min read

4 Ways Mobile Apps Can Amplify Your Restaurant Strategy

In the 2018 Pew Research Center Survey, 94% of U.S. adults that are ages 18-29 own a smartphone and 89% of smartphone owners are ages 30-49. The comScore US Mobile App Report documents that millennial...

4 min read

5 Ways to Leverage Your Guest Wi-Fi Landing Page to Boost Profits

Offering guest wi-fi is quickly becoming one of the primary ways that brick-and-mortar businesses can remain competitive and relevant in the rapidly digitizing world. Where eCommerce and food delivery...

5 min read

5 Rare Restaurant Digital Marketing Ideas to Stand Out

We can agree that more restaurants are using digital marketing to get in front of and engage their customers. Yet, the online space is becoming super crowded and competitive. Whether through blogging,...

5 Ways to Segment Restaurant Customers for Better Marketing

Choosing to segment your restaurant customers is one of the best tactics for your digital marketing strategy. Email segmentation, or the process of divvying up your list into more specific categories ...


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