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Average Dwell Time Numbers Reveal Valuable Insights

We spend a great deal of time and effort courting customers. Resources, finances and considerable thought goes into how to attract, draw and eventually convert those visitors into loyal customers. How...

Creating Loyal Customers Through Personalization

Loyal customers are what keeps any restaurant successful, so having effective ways to engage and track them is always important. One metric Bloom Intelligence uses to measure this is the Lifetime Valu...

Using The Customer Lifetime Value To Improve Your Business

The more you know about your customers, the better experience you can provide for them and ensure repeat business. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict customer behavior when owning or man...

Customer Repeat Rate - Fostering Customer Loyalty

Would you like to know what store promotions are working? Would you like to know what marketing campaigns are delivering real ROI? How about your operations and your staff, wouldn't it be nice to have...

4 min read

Dwell Time: Filtering Who's Staying in Your Shop the Longest

Have you ever wondered how long a loyal customer visits your shop? If you’re able to identify a person visiting your business as a customer, you might want to know what their average dwell time is.

4 min read

Return Rate: Metrics from a Second Store Visit

While it's always exciting to realize you had a first-time customer in your shop, it's even more gratifying when they return. This begs the question: how do you really know if they're visiting for a s...

Customer Visit Times: When Do Customers Visit Your Business?

When you're busy running a business, it may appear at first glance that you're always experiencing the same customer visitation rates on a daily basis. In reality, it probably varies more than you thi...

3 min read

Measuring Consumer Behavior with Wi-Fi Sensor Technology

Trying to measure consumer behavior on a daily basis is often impossible without using a variety technologies to accumulate data. While you've perhaps invested in data-tracking tools and maybe even vi...

Data Analysis is Retail’s Crystal Ball to Increase Holiday Sales

Every year the National Retail Federation (NRF) publishes its annual “Holiday Planning Playbook,” which is the retail sector’s guide to understanding key lessons from the previous holiday season and h...

4 min read

How "Free" Wi-Fi Boosts Restaurant Business.

In a time where connectivity rules the day and data plans are the most valuable part of a cell phone package, a 'free wi-fi' sign is like a glowing beacon for the device-connected population. In many ...

2 min read

The Digital Divide and Conquer

Let's start thinking more like a consumer!  For customers, brick and mortar and digital shopping aren't two totally separate experiences! They are simply two tactics for accomplishing the same goal: p...

4 min read

Hurricane Irma and the Importance of Offering Guest Wi-Fi

When disaster strikes, we often realize too late how much we take technology for granted. One of those technologies we have to fall back on is Wi-Fi so we can reach loved ones with our mobile devices....

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