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Simplifying the Beginner's Email Marketing Strategy

  • by: Allen Graves
  • On: 24, Jul 2019
3 min read
3 min read

Simplifying the Beginner's Email Marketing Strategy

Social media is rapidly overtaking traditional methods of marketing, serving as an all-in-one channel to advertise to, and communicate directly with, new and existing consumers in the same breath. How...

3 min read

Using Your WiFi Landing Page To Collect Customer Ratings

Most everyone now looks to the internet to give suggestions on any number of questions we might be asking, from where to go and what to see on our next vacation, to the nearest location of a quality g...

1 min read

FREE WEBINAR: Saving At-Risk Customers

Join Us Thursday, July 18th at 2pm Eastern for a free Webinar! WEBINAR: Saving At-Risk Customers With Bloom Intelligence We all know that retaining current customers is much less expensive than acquir...

3 min read

Responding to Positive Ratings and Reviews – in TIME

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the importance of responding properly to negative online ratings and reviews using TACT. As important as this is, it is also important to respond to the positive...

4 min read

Engage Negative Customer Ratings and Reviews - With T.A.C.T.

You work hard to keep your restaurant business alive and growing. Part of that effort includes monitoring and improving your restaurant’s online ratings and reviews. All of this energy and determinati...

4 min read

Fundamental Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit...there is certainly no shortage of online channels to help you keep in close contact with your customers. But sometimes, having that many platforms can...

5 min read

Using Restaurant Marketing Analytics to Dominate in 2019

A robust and reliable analytics platform is central to the success of your business. Analytics will help you generate more customers, increase sales, gain insights into customer behavior and preferenc...

6 min read

How To Deal With Poor Customer Ratings and Reviews

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives every customer an opportunity to review a business, it’s product and its services. But, wait. That could be a bad thing about the internet, righ...

NRA Show 2019: Must-See Customer Data Sessions

The 2019 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago is quickly approaching. This is the place to learn all there is to know about what is happening in the restaurant indus...

Increasing Revenue Using Your POS System with WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing & analytics are making a huge impact on brick-and-mortar revenue, customer engagement and satisfaction. Using guest WiFi access points, businesses can collect customers names, contact i...

6 min read

Customer Intelligence For Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

The competition in today's restaurant and retail industries is overwhelming. Each of your competitors are desperately seeking ways to seize their share of consumer dollars. That's why it's so importan...

5 Ways to Help Prevent Customer Churn

Many restaurants and coffee shops focus mainly on increasing sales and the customers’ dining experience, giving less consideration to the importance of making sure that their customers remain their cu...

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