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7 Keys for Building Restaurant Customer Loyalty

According to a recent survey, small businesses indicate that 72% of their revenues generate from loyal customers. This segment is obviously important, but as a restaurant owner you may wonder what are...

Encourage customer reviews on your Wi-Fi landing page

Why Use a High-grade Commercial Wi-Fi Access Point

If you are wondering why use a high-grade commercial Wi-Fi access point when a home unit is so much cheaper, then you should first consider your usage needs for internet.

Simplifying the Beginner's E-mail Marketing Strategy

Social media is rapidly overtaking traditional methods of marketing, serving as an all-in-one vessel to advertise to, and communicate directly with, new and existing consumers in the same breath. Howe...

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part IV

Bloom Intelligence is here to assist your gym, restaurant or retail outlet get the most out of your marketing efforts. We provide tools and analytical reports to supplement your marketing activities w...

Restaurant Customer Segmentation - The New Marketing Panacea

Restaurant customer segmentation is incredibly valuable to a strategic marketing program. When you know who your customers are, you segment them according to their similarities and differences, then y...

2 min read

Six Profitable Reasons to Love Your Repeat Customers

Keeping customers happy is crucial to retaining them as clients. According to an article from Harvard Business School, "increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%." Why ...

How to Create a Lead-Generating Digital Fishbowl

Remember those business-card-filled fishbowls that used to sit on every reception counter? They were a great way to gain leads — before the digital revolution, that is. See how you can create your own...

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part III

Welcome back to our four-part blog series highlighting the valuable information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard. If you read the first two posts, you already know that our goal at Bloom ...

How to Engage Your Loyal Bricks-and-Mortar Customer Base

A little competition can be a good thing. It can inspire, motivate and encourage forward momentum for all parties involved. In terms of business strategy, it keeps everybody on their toes, and helps c...

3 min read

Working Out With Wi-Fi

Think gyms don’t need free Wi-Fi? Maybe to you keeping fit is just an end to a means, but there are plenty of ways people try to make their workouts more fun. And most of them require Wi-Fi. See why y...

How to Use Digital Coupons to Grow Your Business

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