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3 min read

How to use TripAdvisor and Yelp to evolve and grow your business

It's important for businesses to know how they are doing, that's a given, and though there are many metrics from which to measure success, customer satisfaction is a big one that cannot be ignored.

Information available on the Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part II

Have you ever wondered how Wi-Fi enabling your restaurant, gym or retail outlet could increase your customer loyalty? In a post last month we introduced how this works, the information available on th...

5 Ways To Improve Customer Relations By Providing WiFi

You've been considering the idea of offering free Wi-Fi to your customers, but is it worth it? Read on for five simple ways you can use Wi-Fi to better connect with your customers!

3 min read

Like, Share, Profit: Using Social Media to Make the Sale

Your customers are using Wi-Fi while they're in your brick-and-mortar store. Make it easy to like and share their experience so you can benefit from additional sales to their network of friends. Learn...

Free Wi-Fi: An Atlanta Bread Company Case Study

Once upon a time, cafés and restaurants thought they didn’t need to offer free Wi-Fi, but then came the digital age. Customers began to want and need different things from the dining experience and so...

Digital Coupons ARE Key to Customer Loyalty

Did you know that 68 percent of customers are loyal to a brand just because of the brand's digital coupon offers? See why this marketing tool is so influential and how your business can benefit by inc...

4 min read

5 Easy Tips to Maximize the Signal Output of Your Access Point

Imagine, for a moment, customers voicing discontent about the Wi-Fi signal at your restaurant. As you're walking amongst occupied tables, they are complaining about the terrible service. You look abou...

Customer Analytics: How to Use Wi-Fi as a Powerful Tool

Understanding your customers goes a long way in helping you not only provide the best services for them, but also the right incentives to keep them coming back.

5 min read

Retail Management Tips for the Holiday Season

For retail store owners, the holiday season is an incredibly complex combination of great opportunities, stress and added management worries. However, if you as a retail business owner or manager succ...

Marketing Your Gym with Wi-Fi

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is everyone's goal. So why is it so hard for your gym or fitness center to retain long-term members? Customer attrition is a plague for many businesses, b...

Introducing The Bloom Intelligence Dashboard - Part I

At Bloom Intelligence, we strive to provide your growing company with the analytics and tools it needs to successfully attract and retain a solid, enduring customer base. Our polished and user-friendl...

3 min read

Wi-Fi's Role in Multi-Channel Marketing: Why It Works

It's no secret that consumer engagement boosts brand recognition, loyalty and sales.

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